Thursday, 24 March 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Rise from the Ashes by H A Jethwa

Let me take you on the journey of Nathalie's life. She finds a new dimension; will she be able to adjust to her new life? How will she manage the changes that are thrust upon her? Come, be a part of a story of love and courage, and most importantly how to deal with fear! Will Nathalie believe in what she has to? Or will destiny meddle with her path and fill it with chaos?

BOOK REVIEW:-  This is a fantasy type of book.
The author has created his own imaginary world.
This the story of  Nathalie ad her life.
Her parents were slaves in the kingdom of South. They have worked for Master Kakus all their lives. He was an evil Man. He brought and sold humans like they were animals. She used to  live in the village of slaves, which was full of fields and used to work in the fields most of her childhood.

In the kingdom of Ujjar,everyone is treated the same way with humanity.The animals and humans stayed in harmony there.

The book is about love, courage and most importantly fear. However, things do not go smooth for long as she has to overcome some of her worst fears and fight evil that has made its way to Ujjar, rising from the ashes.

What does Ujjar have to offer her? Will she find solace in the new kingdom or is there some secret lurking behind? Will evil prevail or justice triumph? Gear up and be part of this transcendental rollercoaster ride.

Other characters in the book - Terasia,Prince Cethenio,
Linda was one of her best friends.

This was a FANTASTIC short read filled with wonder. In fact, it would practically be a dream-come-true for any movie buff or even a fantasy lover.The author has created magic in his words where the magic is a mere illusion to the truth hiding behind them.
I don't want to give any of the plot away, so go read it for yourself!
I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

H A Jethwa is currently studying Diploma in Accounting, and he has a secret passion to write! After having a medical condition, which required him to undergo a complex operation, he decided to take up the challenge and write his first fantasy book. Being influenced by many cultures and traditions enhanced his ability to maximize his creativity even further.

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