Thursday, 24 March 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Taken Already by yaagneshwasran g


When Arjun, who had fallen head over heels for his colleague Anita, realizes that she is engaged to his close friend, who knew her by a different name at a different place, hell broke loose.

As Sam Chacko investigates, he ends up uncovering a baffling mystery. He tries hard not to panic and soon understands that when hormones take over the intellect, it can ruin your life.

BOOK REVIEW:- The story revolves around the protagonist Arjun , who falls in love with her colleague Anita,
 Anita is a software tester , she is into marketing and promotions.
She had just moved into Chennai after her Bachelor degree in Engineering in Pondicherry . She was unsettled in terms of residence and was temporarily staying with her uncle .She was searching for hotel and PGs .
Meanwhile  Arjun and  Anita became friends ,started knowing each other ,develop feelings for each other.

There was something unsual about Anita ,changing his perception about her.
Does Anita truly loves her or pretending? or was it just fake ?

Soon Anita started behaving unusually , Arjun gets to know about her dark secrets.
Does she have an altar ? But why does Anita does that to Arjun?

 Arjun couldnt believe ,whetever the hell he was seeing .There stood Vinay ,posing with Anita ,holding her arm-in-arm .The world turned upside down .All kind of thoughts kept creeping. It felt like electric shock ,Was He being Cheated?

To know more about the story, Go & Grab a copy of the book.It totally gets and holds your attention. I found it to be very intriguing and suspenseful, and I will definitely be watching out for this author in the future .
I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.
Yaagneshwaran is a Product Market Specialist at a reputed IT organization based out of Chennai, India. He is also an avid business blogger who blogs at and conducts seminars for B-School students especially in the area of Marketing. He is known for his earlier novel “The Group of Fools”. Apart from books, the author has a keen interest in entrepreneurship and spirituality. - See more at:

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