Thursday, 17 March 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Unwanted Shadow by Bhaskaryya Deka


Mohan, a small town boy, is nothing but hopeful when he moves to Delhi to complete his education. After all, this is what he had always planned to do, to take a leap towards his big dreams. And for once he finds his new life to be absolutely lovely, like he has often pictured it would be.

But this good phase doesn’t last long. His life is soon shattered to pieces when his first relationship meets a tragic end. A sadness like he had never known before overwhelms him, keeping him wide awake at nights. But it is just the beginning, beginning to a terrible chain of events that would lead him to a deadly confrontation with his own dark past.

Will Mohan be able to overcome this darkness? Will he ever get solace? Or will his innocence be lost in the intense colour of blood?

This is the story of Mohan .
The story revolves around the protagonist Mohan , his life journey ,the author has also shown the dark of his life and how he deals with it?
Mohan leaves his hometown and comes to Delhi to persue his higher studies.
Though his family was going through the tough/hard times, his father died and

We never realize how big a part people occupy in our daily lives unless we lose them,
no matter how much you love them or hate them. 

But still he was satisfied that he has roof under to live .His college was normal , he used to share room with his 2 roomates ,Ravi and Vicky.

In Delhi ,he learned that Some people were extremely friendly ,trying to help you out in every way they can.And the other lot, the didnt give a damn about your existence.

He meet with a girl  Sudeshna,soon they becomes friends.She was his first girl friend .But after some time she left delhi , leaving him heartbroken . 

After that Mohan start leaving sad and in depression. How he dealt with his past life ?
Is he a killer?
How he his life in prison and finally  in rehabilitation center ?
AFter this he leaves everything behind and returns her her home , living a peaceful life.
This is a Suspense and Thriller sort of book . I am really glad to review it .
I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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