Friday, 15 April 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Chance by Anupam Pravakar

Assume: your academic records to be.... Sr. Secondary- Excellent! IIT Graduate- Great! MBA- Superb! Eventually.........the day arrives which would give you a lucky chance that can make all your dreams come true.You sleep comfortably with those amazing notions. The very next day when your eyes realize, destiny has taken you too far from your love and life....... How would you react when all your hard works raze, your dreams annihilate and life is ruined, just because of your worldliness? How would you feel when your goodness becomes your evil.......? Sometimes, life has a different story than one's plans...... Welcome to "Chance - A tale of Love, Luck & Life "; the story of Samar, who plans a beautiful life with his love Subhanshree. He endeavours for a bright future as he wants to marry her. Finally, he gets a chance to make his dreams come true. Oh...! His luck startle unforeseen. He has to choose between love and life. Now, it's easy to die but hard to live...... What will happen to his career, love and life? Will he get a chance again, to procure all the happiness back to his life? Anupam Pravakar details an enthralling story about love, luck and life in this so-called liberal world.

BOOK REVIEW:- The story revolves around the protagonist Samar, he wanted to do MBA , he even cleared CAT ,but couldnt get admission in IIM , due to late admission.
He got admission in FMS, DU -Delhi

This time he was serious and concentrated on studies.There he meet Subhanshree. She was a sweet  and crazy girl.After some days passed, they both feel love with each other.

It was the same metro, the same college, the same class, the same canteen ,and the same roads , but now everything seemed to be cute to him.He starts developing interest in love romantic serials.

How hi-tech the love is nowadays ? The age of letters has been gone, there are small message packs recharges in the market ,these days.The companies also know the hidden excitement of young hearts become alive .Feelings of heart come out while chatting, so many love words are invented  everyday, emotions became emoticons, feelings are technofide and acts become virtualized.

Quotes from the book :- 

'A person should do what work which he likes.And when he does his favorite,then it no longer remains a piece of work for him but he starts to love that work.'

We dream for a better tomorrow by keeping ourselves out of lot of things.And when the time comes to live our dreams in real life then this life takes such a turn that the dream becomes a dream again.
But, why so?We hardly find a chance to do something in this life .to establish our self in this world.
Everyone,needs this chance ,only a chance and nothing else.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

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