Monday, 4 April 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Con Kabir by Anonymous

Story is about two friends, protagonist Kabir who is from India and Ali who is from Pakistan. Both spent their childhood days in Australia. After completing his higher secondary education from Australia, Kabir went to Europe for his further studies. After 10 years Kabir is a secret service agent of Indian Government and Ali is an international most wanted terrorist. Now the book is about why and how Kabir will save his friend who is terrorist now.

BOOK REVIEW :- The story revolves around kabir and Ali .They both used to be good friends in childhood .,but they both were separated when Kabir went to Europe.
Kabir used to visit Ali's house.Fatima Aunt would kiss him on his cheeks and offer both of them the delicious Pakistani dishes made by her.

Ali didn't want to continue his studies in Australia and wanted to come back to Pakistan but he had no other option as his dad was doing jb there.
His childhood was killed in Australia as Muslims there were not treated well and there was Racism .
His dad  was trapped by the Australian police in a fake case.
All this changed there life.
The police that he committed suicide because he was guilty of his activities.

Fatima Aunty went there ,she wanted to sue the bank management and the culprit officers.
involved in it.
But she was rapped by the police officers that day and threatened to go back to Pakistan.
All this incident left them shattered.

Kabir on the other hand was on the mission as an undercover agent of an intelligence agency and no one knows about it except his boos.

The story is about terrorism, loss,grieve , sorrow.
I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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