Friday, 15 April 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Footprints of Life by Bishal Paul

Based on a real life incident, this story is about a young girl, Ahaana, who lived with her parents and as any other teen, dreamt big and lived life to the fullest. Her smile could light up her surroundings and her laughter was sparking. She was considerate, loving and humble and ever so caring. Life as an adult had just begun for her when it was cut short by the cruelest act of a person she loved. This chronicle carries you on a journey with Ahaana, who had just entered her teens, when her heart was brutally assaulted. It shows how at times, even the most trustworthy people in our life can back stab us to serve their own interests and how her soul fought for justice. The Footprints of Life reveals some unimaginable hidden truths while presenting a love saga set in contemporary India. So you claim to know your loved ones pretty well, really?

BOOK REVIEW:- The story revolves around the protagonist-Ahaana Sehgal.
The book is a romantic thriller written against the backdrop of a real life  murder mystery in India.
The story is similar to arushi murder case .

Life is very uncertain and even more uncertain are the people who enter our life and leave their footprints deep in our heart.Teenage - a time when we step from innocence to maturity,when every other thing excites us and the opposite sex attracts ,a period which each one of us can recall,for its bitter sweet memories and which some of you might be living it though; a time in every individual's life when one thing that we demand most is freedom.

This book is dedicated to the girl whose soul still wanders for justice!
Ahaana in this story ,represents all those unfortunate victims to whom our legal and judicial system has not been able to provide justice.

A very interesting book ,an intriguing mix of romance, thriller,mystery and the stark realities of life.An eye opener in many ways.A must read!

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR :- Bishal Paul is a BMM student at KC College, Mumbai and an alumnus of South Point School, Guwahati. An avid reader and a debater of national fame. Bishal is currently a broadcast intern at CNN-IBN and working on his second book which is a collection of short stories as an ending note to the celebrations of the 100 years of Indian Cinema.

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