Tuesday, 12 April 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Just for You by Rahul Saini

When you love someone, what's there to prove? Everything! It looks like life is teaching Rohit a lesson. His publishing deals, his relationships, even his job - nothing seems to be working out. To make matters worse, Karan is still trying his best to ruin him as a writer. But when Nisha leaves him, it's the ultimate blow. To win her back Rohit must prove he loves her enough to do things that matter to her: like helping Tara find a publisher. As Rohit takes control of his life, he begins to find things slowly changing for the better for him too. But will Nisha be happy with that? Will she come back to him? Just for You is an adorable, bittersweet story about love and its responsibilities.

The central character – Rohit, an author, rebels against his inner self and struggles to settle with his unbalanced life while Karun, another (very) young author leaves no stone unturned to ruin his reputation as a writer because of his revelry and jealousy towards him. Rohit suffers the ultimate blow when is his girlfriend, Nisha leaves him. In order to gather the ripped shreds of his life, Rohit tries to win Nisha back by doing the things that would matter to her the most, in turn bringing his life back on track (or not)! Meanwhile, Karun keeps trying his best to ruin his career anyway!

BOOK REVIEW:- The story revolves around the protagonist Rohit who is an author.
He is working on his third novel.
He had dispute with his previous publisher .
The whole thing was a hot piece of gossip for people for a while and then things just fizzled out.

There are so many books available in the market nowadays. It's almost impossible for any newspaper or magazine to review all of them.So they review only the ones that pay them,otherwise how can they ever choose?

Karun is jealous of Rohit's success and is is trying to make his life a big hell, by bringing down his reputation as a writer.He pays journalist Vishal to write some bad stuff about Rohit.

Rohit on the other hand is very simple person ,he wants to just concentrate on his writing and pay attention towards it.He loves Nisha by heart .
But gradually his success vanishes and he comes at that stage of life where he just wants to end.
Nisha leaves him and his career came to halt.
 Is this the end or the beginning of a battle?

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.The book is well written and the story is interesting to read. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Rahul Saini is the bestselling author of five hugely popular books – Those small Lil’ Things,
Just like in the Movies, The Orange Hangover and most recently Paperback Dreams and
Just For You, which created a lot of buzz and raised many questions about the current
scenario of the publishing industry in India. All his books have featured in various bestselling lists across the nation.
His books have strong comic tones and present the up-beat stories that portray the fun
loving, free spirited and the outgoing character of today’s youth. Apart from being light
entertainers, his books carry relevant social messages.

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