Saturday, 16 April 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Polka Dots, Pony Tails and Purple Pouts by Amrita Anand Nayak

Leena, Tia and Jasmine, each have a past that has made them what they are and which still continues to cast a shadow on their lives as far as love and relationships are concerned. Leena almost always falls for older men. Is there a painful story behind her aversion to younger men or is it just a coincidence? Leena, the girl who loves sporting a pony tail and casual looks, has been through tough times which have made her mature but at heart she is still Daddy's little angel and dotes on her recuperating, erstwhile-alcoholic father. She falls in and out of failed relationships, braves heartbreak, fights her inner demons and finds her true love in the end with somebody no one would have ever imagined, given her taste and inclinations. 

Tia, the goody-goody, super-talented introvert beauty is the proverbial jack of all trades. She just loves writing or blogging and her other major love in life is predicting fashion trends, following all the happenings in the fashion world and be a step ahead in the what's-in-vogue-and-what's-out world. She loves dressing up as much as she loves her polka dotted dress because it is her lucky dress that gets her the attention of Sam. But life can never be so simple, can it? The shy and meek Tia struggles and rises above all her fears, faces the dramatic family ire, works for her passion and ambitions supported all the way by her gem of a boyfriend and two loving roomies.

Jasmine is the most colorful character of the three and lives her life like a free bird. She has no time for love but plenty of time for flirting, short-term affairs and even one-night stands are not a taboo for her. However, she has faced a disturbing past that even her parents don't know about but God and her godmother help her live through this phase. The Jasmine of today dresses seductively, purrs and pouts with her plum lips, parties hard and is simply determined to make her life as much fun as possible but has Jasmine really got over Jerry Matthews, her first love? Has Jerry got over her? Will Jasmine's wild ways have no ramifications? She will get all these answers and more unexpected twists and turns to face.
Life is good when you have a loving life-partner but it's even better when you have dear and dependable friends. For Leena, Tia and Jasmine, life has plenty of struggles in store but also plenty of cheers and smiles along the way as they journey together.


BOOK REVIEW: - This is the story of 3 friends - Leena ,Tia and Jasmine.
This is one of the finest book i have ever read.I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
The characterization is done well.

Jasmine had inherited her mother's good looks and her father's brains.Basically from kolkata, West bengal. She was a serial dater.She had been into many flings and relationships in the last 3-4 years. Of course , the social networking sites were always available to offer help.

Tia possessed the characteristics which are unmatched and endless - Genuine ,affectionate, innocent ,polite , kind, honest, talented .Tia managed to look sexy.

Long before the seventies style inspired polka dots made their re-entry in tops and dresses.Tia had them in her closet.She was ahead in fashion and her sense was her fashion sense which never failed her.
On the weekly afternoon tea-time all the three friends- Leena,Tia and Jasmine would just gossiped and kept each other abreast of the happenings and the non-happenings of their lives.

I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. A delightful book to read! 

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