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BOOK REVIEW: Scarlet Nights by Mayur Patel

Smart, sexy and confident, Malvika Chauhan lives an enviably perfect life in Mumbai. She has a flourishing career, a loving boyfriend and a promising future. Spiteful, fearless and mysterious, Margrita lives on the extreme ends. Self-merriment is the only thing that matters to her. Destiny plays wicked and brings the two women face to face with each other. While Malvika knows nothing about Margrita, Margrita is well-aware of the hidden secrets of Malvika's past. Malvika's life turns sour as she struggles against the insufferable circumstances inflicted upon her by Margrita. It's a situation she cannot escape. If the hidden secrets get disclosed, Malvika will be finished. She will lose every precious thing she has... her career, her prestige, her love... 'Scarlet Nights' is a haunting tale of the unfathomable depths inside the human psyche.

BOOK REVIEW:- I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
The story revolves around the protagonist named Malvika .

Malvika Chauhan ,26 yrs old, Tall, fair and slim, she had strikingly beautiful features.used to stay 2BHK apartment, being a Mumbaikar was like being a part of a crowd that ran, ran and kept running.
A beautician by profession, she ran a parlour of her own and made excellent earnings out of it.

Malvika loves Shikhar . Shikhar Malhotra was a thirty-year-old entrepreneur. He had inherited his family‟s real estate business and was a millionaire. 6‟1”, he was fair and heavily built. His features weren‟t impeccable, but he had a magnetic personality.
There was a kind of roughness about his looks that Malvika liked the most.  Soft-spoken, well-bred and gallant,Shikhar was a gentleman.

Margrita, an unknown stranger, who knows her dark secrets, she was frustrated with her life in the confinement. She had tried several tricks to escape—stealing the keys, bribing the staff
Malvika was losing hope .She can cause harm to Malvika, due to which Malvika was kept in the hospital for weeks.

This story totally creeped me out. The writing is mature and bold.The beauty of the book lies in its narration .The book was splendid in its plot development, character development and story line. I will rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Excerpt-1 (Scarlet Nights)
‘Scarlet Nights’ is full of ‪#‎mystery‬
When the thick layer of darkness dispersed, Malvika found herself transported into a different place, in a different mood. She was not in her home. She did not have her phone in her hands. She was not panicky. The warmth of her house was gone and it was cold around. She was standing alone on a cliff in an absolute alien world. She saw the pale moon in the cloudless sky. There were huge rough stones around her, and a dark valley a few feet ahead. There was no visible sign of life around. Lashes of icy wind were penetrating through her thin petticoat, leaving every inch of her skin frozen. The dirty petticoat was thin, loose and so short that it was barely covering her thighs. She had panties under the petticoat, but there was no bra and the petticoat was not covering her bosoms properly. Surprisingly, she was not aware of her nakedness; neither did she try to cover her breast. She looked at her hands and realised that her skin had turned dead-white, frosty. She did not feel her breathing. She actually wasn’t breathing as if she didn’t need to breathe to be alive. She didn’t even feel her heartbeat. And yet she was alive. The only thing she felt was cold. Not knowing what she was doing in that bleak and threatening surrounding at an unknown hour of the night, she stood in silence listening to the hissing sound of the icy wind.
This is a nightmare. She told herself. This can’t be real.
And then emerged in her view a human figure, standing just a few feet away from her…

Mayur Patel has studied Civil Engineering. He has worked as a civil engineer
and an Interior Designer. He was a part of an orchestra as a singer some years
back. At present he works in a Newspaper as a sub-editor.
His first book „Vivek and I‟ was a work of romance and was published by
Penguin Books India. He writes Novels, Short Stories and Columns in
Gujarati, too.
Besides writing, he enjoys a wide variety of activities like reading, gardening,
singing, watching movies and playing badminton. Travelling is an addiction
which enables him to bring life to his writing.
Mayur lives in Valsad, India with his family. Interact with the author through:

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