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BOOK REVIEW: Sorry, You're Not My Type by Sudeep Nagarkar

A story of one of the reputed Delhi based college music band!! Vikrant, Anamika and Yuvi will make you believe 'When your passion and purpose is greater than your fears, you find a way to overcome them. A story of Aditya will highlight the true aspects of life as in every boy’s life, there is a girl he’ll never forget and in every girl’s life, there is a boy she’ll never forget!!

All relationships should come with a precautionary warning: HANDLE WITH CARE

The final audition for Rajhans College’s prestigious music band brings together three contrasting personalities. Vikrant, a perfectionist, who believes there is only one perfect someone for you. Anamika, a free spirit, who stands up for what she believes is right. And Yuvi, a die-hard music lover, who can strum the guitar all night long and still wake up the next morning to drop off his girlfriend.

The three become close friends and start hanging out regularly. So how does Aditya, a stranger, become familiar to their lives? And what happens next?

"Sorry You’re Not My Type" is a true story that will redefine friendship, affection, and infatuation.

BOOK REVIEW:- This is the second book i have read of the author and I must say that  i am very much impressed by his writing style.
This book is one of the best out of best books i have ever read. It is recommended by
Especially for the youth out there, who dont understand the true meaning of love.

There are lot of messages given in the book .
The story is touchy & you can feel it .Each & every line is amazing.

The narration was flawless.

Talking about the story, Anamika was the dancer of the band, Vikrant was the drummer & a perfectionist. Yuvi was probably the best guitarist and vocalist any college could have. 
The trio was perfect combination of looks and talent.
YUVI had the perfectionist to mesmerize everyone.

The stage was set. They were ready to give their performance, but something unusual happened that night.The performance was called off by the judges and the crowd started booing them off.
All their hopes were shattered as Yuvi and the other group members walked off.They keep blaming each other and there was quarrel between them. The hopes that they shared, the dreams that they had seen -all of it was suddenly swept out of their lives like dust on the floor. Anamika was heartbroken by Yuvi's words. 

I would give this book full 5 out of 5 stars.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR :- Sudeep Nagarkar has authored six bestselling novels—
Few Things Left Unsaid
That’s the Way We Met
It Started with a Friend Request
Sorry, You’re Not My Type
You’re The Password to My Life.
You're trending in my dreams.

He is the recipient of the 2013 Youth Achievers’ Award and has been featured on the Forbes India longlist of the most influential celebrities. He also writes for television and has given guest lectures in various renowned institutes and organizations.

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