Sunday, 10 April 2016

BOOK REVIEWS: Simple plane love by Priyanka Luthra

A perfect landing is a mirage, the more you chase it, the more it eludes you…' Meet Captain Meera Khanna. As a first officer on an Aeroflot Aviation plane, with a luxurious apartment in the beautiful city of Manila, she seems to have it all. Flying to exotic destinations, navigating turbulent flights through typhoons and handling engine failure are all in a day's work. Even when a leg injury forces Meera to take time off her busy schedule, she has the perfect solution - an exciting vacation to Subic Bay with her glamorous best friend Diana, aka Dee. And nothing could have been a better idea, what with the unexpected arrival of her childhood friend, the suave Aditya. But when Aditya seems to want more than friendship, it throws Meera off-kilter. Will Meera's perfect life come to an abrupt landing? Or will she find her happily-ever-after? In Simple Plane Love, join Captain Meera on a rollicking adventure, where navigating an aeroplane seems simpler than negotiating the many twists and turns of love.

BOOK REVIEW:- This is a simple, sweet story about a young woman living a modern day fairy tale life ,where she is doing what she loves , flying planes and living in a plush apartment in exotic Manila,with a dashing, well settled childhood friend Aditya, a hot-shot banker madly in love with her,but whom she considers just a friend.

Its a cliched story,but what saves the narrative is that is that it gives the reader a peep into two worlds (Aviation and Philippines) . Plus, it is written in a fluid manner.
The writer, who is also a pilot,has at no stage attempted to write 'smart' and thankfully,has given given us a book that might seem to simplistic to many,but is supremely feel good.

Other characters in the book besides  the main protagonist Captain Meera  Khanna are her mother, her best friend Diana who leads a glamorous picture perfect life in Mumbai as an editor ,her senior in Manila,who is her mentor and a few others.

Meera's story mostly cruises along minus any bad weather, except for turbulence in the form of a leg injury.There's a happy diversion along the way as Daina meets her soulmate and gets married to him, and the only moment of reckoning in the book comes towards the end when Meera has to finally defines with her relationship with Aditya is ... and what her happily ever after actually is .The prose is a little staid and lifeless at times,and it all seems too hunky -dory to be true.Real life we all know doesnt work like this. So a seasoned reader might find the book,well,a little predictable. 

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