Sunday, 8 May 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Bound by Marriage by Nalini Singh


How else to describe the pact Jessica Randall had made with wealthy New Zealand rancher Gabe Dumont? In exchange for marriage and an heir, he would save her family property. The agreement was calculating, completely devoid of any tenderness, just like the man himself. Their relationship was supposed to be a simple arrangement. Instead, it was fraught with secrets and mistrust, jealousy and ultimatums--emotions that wouldn't allow her to maintain the distance she needed. Worse, the sizzling attraction between them made this marriage of convenience decidedly "in"convenient.

I heard a lot about Nalini Singh , but this book made me a little disappointed.
I am a big fan of Mills and Boons.
The cover of the book is bit dull.
The story is same like in Bollywood films

Gabe is the man who knew what he wanted and exactly how he wanted it,her finance was not someone who could ever be ignored.
He was tall and undeniably strong ,his musculature was lean and poerful,not bulky.Add in the pure green eyes and sun shot hair. He was cruel, over-bearing, jealous, and just a big jerk wad. 

Over the past year, Jess Randall had convinced herself that her marriage would be calm, steady, business like affair, never considering what it might mean to be Gabriel's wife in truth.

Its a marriage affair , after marriage , there were misunderstandings, fights between two of them , so finally she leaves the hero.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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