Friday, 6 May 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Girl I Last Loved by Smita Kaushik

Love is all about flowers, gifts, movie nights, first kiss and then many more. Or is it? Then what about one sided love...Being friends in spite of knowing your true feelings...The incapability to read eyes...Don't frustration, pain and loneliness lie on the other side of love?Meet Akash, an over achiever, who aims to conquer it all but is unable to love. Kasam, a girl beyond his reach.

Though destiny keeps bringing them together, their world seldom collides.When he was a naïve geek, she was the Style Diva.And now when he is a corporate junkie, where faces are masked. She is a professional motivator, who sees even beyond the faces.Two people.Single love story revisited three times.Four proposals.A ten year journey of finding and losing love.Countless moments of serendipity.Yet not a single moment of confession.He lived all his life fighting love...Will he ever fight for love?

Relationships do need a tag.We think tag will restrict binds us to certain responsibilities. But it is about responsibilities.A relationship is about sharing,having time for your common choices and love is when you don't have any regrets in doing all those.You dont accept its a chance from your bachelor life.Sometimes you even miss the things you need to do when you were single.Still you never wish to return to that time. 
Its not about violation of personal space.Its about letting that person in your life,letting them change it and change themselves for you.

Being is merely like committing suicide.Love is not always about getting.Well. love cannot be forced .So its the truth the girl told you.Friendship is good and if the love is true,she will love you too in the near future.! 

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR :- Smita Kaushik became an author by chance and now devours it by choice. Her debut novel 'Let's Get Committed' not only created waves among the young generation but also pitched some notes with others as well. Though her forte lies in romance with hint of comedy, she sometimes tries to lay hands on philosophy. Result came her second novel, an intense romantic saga ‘The Girl I Last Loved’. Always a creative inclined person, she has excelled in different art forms like contemporary, madhubani & warli. For fun she likes to watch rom-com and read novels.
Her 3rd novel "Let's Love...from a distance" is coming out in May 2013.

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