Monday, 30 May 2016

BOOK REVIEW: A Handbook for My Lover by Rosalyn D'Mello


"I wish I had never met you. You've been nothing but an inconvenience."

Guised as an instructive manual, A Handbook For My Lover chronicles six years in the life of an unconventional affair between a young woman writer and her older photographer lover. The sensuous epistle documents the woman's demands and desires, her fantasies and eccentricities as she negotiates the minefield that is their relationship.

A Handbook For My Lover is a poetic, erotic account of two lovers fated to seek refuge in the transient. It is a celebration of all that is momentary and fleeting rather than that which is permanent.

This book falls under the category of erotica.
A Handbook for My Lover is an intense memoir of the author's emotional and sexual relationship with an acclaimed photographer,30 years her senior.
Written in the epistolary form as a series of missives to loved one,who as she mentions,'"doesn't give a f**k ," the handbook is an instruction manual of sorts for her lover to follow.

The author is only 23 but seems older when she meets her lover.And try as she might to make sure that her remain just a night stand.

A quick fix .A conquest.A ten-line poem in my grand anthology of lovers," she finds herself inexorably drawn to him.She even moves cities,from Mumbai to Delhi, to be closer to him,stopping short of actually moving in.And as the author negotiates an unconventional relationship with a man who refuses to be tied down while retaining a hold on her,we as voyeurs are privy to almost ever thought,every nuance, every intimate detail through the keyhole that D'Mello offers us to peek through.

The erotic details in the book are arousing ,blow my mind
I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Quote From The Book :-
“That night we slept apart, all those unexplored continents reemerged on the atlas of your bed.” 

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