Sunday, 8 May 2016

BOOK REVIEW:- It's No Longer A Dream by Sanjeev Ranjan

“Does love manage to find a way, even when all illusions fade? Where does the journey end?”

Akshat Diwan has everything that the tangible world can offer for a dream-like life – luxurious cars, a palatial mansion, extravagant wealth and an heirloom of infinite opulence. All but peace! His parents are forever in a state of prolonged hostility; add to it failing spurious friendships and dwindling love life which metamorphoses him into a soul-less creature. Cursing his misfortune and in an attempt to end his anguish and disparity, Akshat embarks on an unknown journey, seeking nothing but solitude, or perhaps a glimpse of his inner being. It is when he meets a stranger that he realizes his journey is not just any journey, but a roller coaster ride to unravel the harsh realities of life.

It’s No Longer A Dream is all about collecting the shattered pieces of meaning of life, love and relationships and bringing them back to a whole again.

BOOK REVIEW:- This is the second book written bythe author , after his first book-  In course of true love.
The story revolves around the protagonist Akshat Diwan.

The book is divided into 3 parts, part one describes about Akshat and his life events, Part 2 takes you to the mesmerizing love story of Randhir & Radhika and Part 3 bends towards the epilogue of story. '

Naina loves Akshat but never expresses her feelings to him. 

Some incidents of life change you in a way that cannot be undone.Some conversations and people associated with it last in your memory for a lifetime.I can say that this unexpected short trip of life changed everything, forever.
He realized the importance of Naina in my life,the sweetness of her laughter,the innocence of her care and advice.

Life passes in the same way if we forget to remember we are headed.

The author has written this so well.This story touches on every human emotion: Love, Loss, Grief, Passion, Betrayal, Bigotry, Innocence, Awakening, Trust, Acceptance, and Renewal. The story will surely touch the heart of readers. This book will make you understand the meaning of relationships and love.I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR :-  Sanjeev Ranjan is the bestselling author of "In Course of True Love!(2012)" and "It's No Longer A Dream! (2014)" 

An ardent lover of western classic and instrumental music, he enjoys reading. He has a keen interest in understanding human behavior and relationships.

"Just The Way You Are" is his third novel published by Random House India. 

Currently he resides in New Delhi.

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