Wednesday, 1 June 2016

BOOK REVIEW:- Her Perfect Match by Valerie Ullmer

Gabriel Kane lived by one hard and fast rule.
Never mix business with pleasure.
But the moment Rebecca Cole walked back into his life with only business on her mind, he finds himself forgetting about the rules. Now, he’s determined to go after what he’s always wanted. Her.
The force of her attraction to Gabriel had been immediate and unwavering from the moment he walked into her life. Because of her feelings and knowing that Gabriel wasn’t the type of man to settle for one woman, she kept her distance from the gorgeous and sexy man over the years. But now business had drawn them back together, and she can’t help but wonder if she could work with him and still keep her heart intact.

This was a FANTASTIC short read filled with wonder.
He thought his office would have the same effect on Rebecca.
She was an understated beauty. Her hair was a lovely mix of dark amber and natural blonde highlights. Her body was classic, with her curves in all the right places.

Gabriel  had learned early in his life to hide his emotions from everyone around him, including those closest to him.

After so many years  ,they met. The underlying attraction between them continued, but he never acted on it. But with her in his office, his body and his mind responded to her in a way he hadn’t to a woman in a very long time, and he wanted more than what their attraction promised. He wanted her, invariably in his life and in his bed.
Despite his attraction to her and his friendship with her brother, he hadn’t seen her in several years.

The romance is sizzling, the chemistry between Gabriel and Rebecca is off the charts! The connection between both of them, they had sex ,& the scenes are quite sensual & erotic.

I recommend this book to everyone.
Overall its a nice read :- 4.5/5 stars.

About the Author
Valerie resides in Denver, Colorado with her husband and their dog, Maddie. While she had been interested in writing a romance novel for years, it wasn’t until she wrote her first book that she really became hooked, and now she can’t stop. She has notebooks full of ideas, and she plans to write most of them in the years to come.
When she’s not writing or learning about the craft of writing, she can be found surfing the internet way too much, watching Investigation Discovery and thinking that her neighbors are up to no good, and finding new ways to get her husband to laugh.

Please feel free to contact Valerie at the sites below:

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