Saturday, 4 June 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Karma isn't Such a Bitch!: Love, Life & Karma Unravelled by Rashmi Rathi

He is a post-graduate from IIT and IIM, has an envious life; great parents, a supportive family, a lovely wife, a renewable energy startup which is already very successful and growing at a fast pace. He has everything that a person could wish from life. One day, an Income Tax raid on his company triggers a sequence of fatal events that brings his almost fairy tale like life crashing down. Desperately looking for an answer to his plight, a pre-destined, but, rather eventful encounter with Shiv Nath (Baba) at Pachmarhi, provides Krish with not only an answer to his plight, but, also sets him on a life altering course; equipped with the knowledge of a science that is as ancient as life on earth itself and a technique that will help ground his restless mind. Embark on this journey with Krish and equip yourself with the knowledge of this simple law or science that can even help you to lead a fulfilling life.

The picture of cat in the cover of the book with scary eyes ,can give u an idea about what the book would be like and the time is running.

The story is interesting to read.It was like, i am watching a movie.
Life had been wonderful for Krish. He was blessed with great parents and siblings, good education, a successful career, a loving and caring wife; life without a trace of any kind of struggle, a life that very few can dream of!

A mix of emotions raging through his mind.It had been indeed a carefree and easy going life but after an incident happens in his life, his life was changed.
It was, as if, life was taking her revenge on him, having given him a taste of such magnanimous success and then suddenly bolting him down to the ground saddled with pain and failure. No amount of reasoning worked, why everything was happening to him and why life had to be so cruel.

After passion out from IIT, he and his friends worked painstakingly to build up their dream company.
Meantime, Krish got married to his childhood friend Radhika. She was a perfect blend of modernity and tradition and had all the qualities that a man could ask for in his wife. She was smart, beautiful, had a career of her own and, more importantly, gelled well with his family.

 But, one fine day, all this “sweeter than sugar life” fell apart. When one day they were going to make a big deal with K.R.Industries ,Income Tax guys came there with a search and seizure warrant. Everything was so sudden that Krish couldn't understood what was happening.

This book is indeed highly inspirational and is a must read for everyone.Ir gives an insight to karma. I WOULD RATE THIS BOOK 4.5 OUT OF 5 STARS.

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