Wednesday, 8 June 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Kiss of Life: How a Superhero and My Son Defeated Cancer by Emraan Hashmi, Bilal Siddiqi

How do you deal with the most difficult moments in your life?

Every experience that we go through changes us and helps us grow. As we learn to laugh and cry, win and lose, share and care, the meaning of life and true happiness unfolds before us. Known for his bold forays into Bollywood, Emraan Hashmi walks us through his memories that have shaped him—from a confused teenager who dabbled in a variety of things to finding his calling to the suave, smart and unorthodox actor he has become today. At the heart of his story lies the most important and transformative experience of his life—the period when his son, Ayyan, was battling with cancer. It reveals the man behind the limitless charm of Emraan Hashmi and how he dealt with his son’s illness. Honest, personal,bold and heart-warming, The Kiss of Life is about an actor and a father’s trials and triumphs.

Cancer! The word every household fears the most. The disease no one deserves.
Cancer does not only prey on the old and weak, it swoops and takes away people of all ages—people who are precious to you.
It is heart-wrenching story.It is very sad to see people in such condition.The story has so much emotions that it can bring a tear into the eyes of the readers.

For a parent to see their child undergo the trauma of this disease, their little one who still climbs into their bed in the middle of the night, who comes up to their knees and looks up at them like they are the knight who will slay all his dragons, how do you let him go, let him down? How do you tell him that you have failed in your primary duty as a father—to protect him as long as you live?

We are under the illusion that we and our loved ones are going to live forever. That is something
that we need to change. Spend time with the people you love; put away your work to play hide-and seek with your children; sit with your grandparents and listen to their stories
Because, we all come with expiry dates. The only difference between us and those milk bottles you
see on supermarket shelves is that their ‘Best Before’ is printed on their lids and ours is flying in the

This book is worth a read.This book will opened your eyes.I would give this book full 5 out of 5 stars.

EMRAAN HASHMI is a popular Bollywood actor. He shot to fame with his first runaway hit, Murder,
and since then there has been no looking back.
In 2014, Emraan and his wife, Parveen, were tested like never before. Their four-year-old son,
Ayaan, was diagnosed with cancer. Through this book, Emraan recounts his rise to stardom, his son's
ailment, his transformation as a human being, and everything in between.
You can follow Emraan through his Twitter handle @emraanhashmi.

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