Friday, 23 June 2017

BOOK REVIEW: 3 Diaries of Love by Ram Sai Nag

3 Diaries of Love is a collection of stories which deal with love, loss, and betrayal

Sruthi is an artist. A dream haunts her on every full moon day. Is that dream going to predict her future? Do dreams have soul connections? Do dreams communicate with her? What is the connection between that dream and her boyfriend, Rohan Arya? Do dreams predict the death? How is she going to protect herself from Iqbal, the lusty villain? Is there such thing called Karma?

Akruthi Kapoor is an actress. Camera winks at her wherever she goes. She loves herself being a cover girl. Everybody loves her, but her co-star Hemanth ignores her. Life crushes her in a way such that she doesn’t need glycerine to cry. What happens in her life?

Madhan is an ambitious photo journalist. Harika Ayengar is a model. Madhan gives first priority to the Pulitzer prize in photography. Harika Ayengar is a simple girl with relationship goals. Can love sparkle between them?
There are basically 3 stories in this book:-

I truly loved this book with all my heart!.
The characters are unique .There are different emotions embedded in it.
The beauty of the book lies in its narration.
The 2nd story - LIGHTS,CAMERA,CRY , it touched my heart , i like the way how the whole picture and plot is created.
good story line.
All the stories are very well executed - maintains a steady place, and follows through to an interesting, yet satisfactory ending to it. 

I must say its an amazing book by young and talented author - Ram Sai Nag.
I would certainly recommend it to people who enjoy reading short love stories.

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