Monday, 31 October 2016

BOOK REVIEW: My Poetic Journey (A Travel in Solitude) by Ankaj

I received this book from the author.

It is a gathering of sonnets penned around the Poet.

'My Poetic Journey' is a gathering of sonnets written in both English and Hindi, and some are meant make an English interpretation.

On and all there are 31 sonnets.

It Chronicles different phases of Poets life and battles.

Lyrics are the spirit of our life.

There are distinctive classes of lyrics that will touch your heart.

These lyrics address each human feeling:- Love, fellowship, Loss, Grief, Passion, Betrayal, Bigotry, Innocence, Awakening, Trust, Acceptance, and so forth, blend of all. 

All the poems are sweet and beautifully written.


"This is the best Poetry book i have ever read
all the poems are good,
one after another
it express the emotions, feelings & delivers message
written on various topics,subjects
& it touches the heart of the audience to its peak
A must read ... "


BOOK REVIEW: A Temporary Boyfriend by Dev Ashis Sahoo

In the history of love, no worst breakups can tie up easily. Moreover, it does not really tie up except only on silver screens or if a guy somehow is extremely lucky. 
After a worst breakup with Maanya, Dev has come after a year to Bengaluru where she is pursuing her MBA. Uniting all the willing power, self-confidence and carrying some hope that she will come back, he meets her at her college. However, now she has been completely changed and Dev carries a zero importance to her. She then asked him to vanish completely from her life. Crossing her heart, he promised that he will follow her words in exchange of a deal. It was a deal that he would be her Temporary Boyfriend for hundred minutes. Finally, Maanya agrees for this deal to get rid of his glance at any future. So what is going to happen in these 100 minutes? 
Maanya will accept him back or he will be remained only as

The blurb clearly tells about the story,so i found it easy to read.
The title of the book is apt,which suites according to the story.
It was a Fast Paced Read. 
The story revolves around  Dev and Maanya.
He was her temporary boyfriend but became the soul of her existence...forever.
The locket which Dev has gifted to Maanya with his & her photo. It was not just a ordinary locket it was her soul, just like a mangalsutra that a monogamous girl wears.

This story touched my heart.
There were range of emotions and has one of the best endings ever.
The storyline was intriguing
 I loved the twist with this one. I thought this was an interesting idea for a story and loved the direction it took by the end.
Will love prevail over friendship ?

PLOT/STORYLINE - It wasn’t something you’ve never heard of or something you cannot guess. 
The overall graph for my reading experience would start on a high note and then just keeps falling.

I dislike- 

 1) Repetitive lines.
2) The Writing was not mature, could have been better .Expected a lot from the author.


Book Cover - 5/5
Editing - 4/5 
Blurb - 4/5
Book Quality (Typing, Word Setting, Fonts) - 4/5 
Story - 4/5

Overall - 4/5
temporary bf

Dev Ashis Sahoo, a professional banker, is going to release his debut novel “A Temporary Boyfriend” soon. Born in Bhubaneswar, he works in government bank and writing a book was his dream. His upcoming novel is a love story based on his real life but blended with a bit fiction. which is being published by “Dream House Publication”. 

Saturday, 29 October 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The American Indian Dream by Pranay Sahu

His life was his dream. From being a Wall Street Investment Banker to being a jobless put under spiritual arrest, to being hopelessly in love with a hippie ten years elder to becoming an entrepreneur , he lived his dreams throughout his life. Cut to 2012, destiny's favourite child is now controversy's favourite child. Come success, come controversy. Controversies are inevitable, one's reaction to them, is optional. Roshan should not have reacted. Four years since he lost his job, Roshan is now battling his life after multiple gun shots; defending his actions before a spiritual guru whom he does not like at all. But life is not always your choice. The difference between dreaming and making dreams come true is what life is all about.

 I was given a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
The cover page is average, not much appealing .The cover also determines the story to a little.

This is a story of a young ,dynamic hardworking 
how he makes his dream fulfill . Sometimes we make good decisions, sometimes make bad ones. 

To see dream and to make it happen into real is different.Everyone see dreams.

The story revolves around the protagonist Roshan who is battling with his life.
Oher characters in the book are - Jagat, Ira, Hirenbhai, Silvio, Ariella aka Lakshmi, Maera, Gurudev .


Each character is sketched very well.
The writing style is very impressive that adds to the beauty of the book.

The story is stretched too much.
It is boring in between . 

This review is my own personal view and anyone may disagree with this one. I would rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

BOOK REVIEW: Secret Lover: Just for Lifetime...Just for ̶M̶o̶n̶t̶h̶ Lifetime by Suyash Dwivedi

"The story which everyone knew ...except her" 
A boy finding his love. Pheli baar wala pyaar... 
'Armaan' and 'Jiyana' are strong characters, their growing friendship flies in the face of the conventions in their busy and full of ambitious life.
Armaan always helped Jiyana, in her problematic life. He always thought, she would start loving him someday, but after 7 years he came to know the time and patience he was investing were all in vain, but their destiny was something unbelievable...
Not just a love or a problem novel, 'Secret Lover: just for month/lifetime' explores the loyalty in love, the so-called 'Samaj' and respect towards the family decision.
Yet something more Armaan & Jiyana want to tell you...

As it is clear from the blurb , the story revolves around 2 lovers 'Armaan' and 'Jiyana'. Armaan loves Jiyana and expects the same from her ,he constantly waits from Jiyana's side.

Will he able to get his true love?
Keep trying if you love someone. It doesn’t matter whether that person can be yours or not,that doesn’t mean you stop trying. 

Sometime first love is not forgotten or anyone can love to a wrong person.

Few lines from the book :- 
I just wanna hold her hand and let her know how much I love her, how much I care for her but I can’t; I’m far away from her. I want to hug her tight and want to say her, want to say these few words… “Dear I love you and I want to hold your hands till my last breathe…you are mine, just

To know more about the story ,Go & Grab this book.

The writing is good, it totally gets and holds your attention.I really was sucked right into the story.I could easily relate to the characters. I found it to be very intriguing.But expected if there could be suspense, twists and turns ,that would have made it more interesting to read.


Suyash Dwivedi was born in Uttar Pradesh, India and brought up in Mumbai. He has a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Pune University and pursuing Management from NMIMS, Mumbai. His book ‘Secret Lover …Just for month lifetime’ is inspired by his thoughts and few of real life incidents. Suyash works as an Engineer in Doha. He is Talkative, Sensitive, Aggressive and Loving in nature. Writing is his hobby though by profession he is an Engineer.


Friday, 28 October 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Turning Back Time by Shravya Gunipudi

When people we love pass away, they only take their presence with them. They leave their memories with us. The story revolves around 'Alia', an emotionally distant woman, and how the lives of four elderly strangers impact her own very deeply, bringing about a change in the way she treats herself and those around her. As the clock begins to tick and they each start to die, leaving their stories behind for her to learn from, she finds that the depression and trauma caused by their loss have left with her the gift of a lifetime... Realisation. In the tale of life, death and the ride in between, where there are always mistakes and never second chances, there is only one question. Can you make it through without regrets?

I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
I hooked right from the beginning and found myself racing from page to page.

As it is cleared from the blurb, the story revolves around the protagonist Alia ,25 years old.
It involves other people also who came in her life and enrich the journey.

Alia & her mother lived on the second floor of the dilapidated building,their entire earnings going towards the monthly rent. It bothered Alia that they hardly had any savings and shouted at her mother for buying anything which is not necessary.

Alia worked 2 jobs. The first was a caretaker at a private children's day care across the street. It was a nice place to work in.The money was good as well.
Her second job was stressful and definitely paid a lot less in terms of salary.It was an old age home a few kilometers away from her own house,where she gave the elderly company and took care of them.
Her mother worked as a teacher in a local school. After her father passed away many years ago, work consumed their lives.

There are certain people who come into your life, and leave a mark .Death is a terrible curse.When the loved ones pass way,they take their presence with them.They leave their memories before death.

Other characters in the book - Raman, Hema, Girish, and Sita,etc.
There are Four parts  - PART- 1 ALIA
                                     PART- 2 HEMA'S STORY
                                     PART- 3 GIRISH'S STORY
                                     PART- 4 SITA'S STORY

The story touches on every human emotion. Each & every story is depressing & emotional.But there is something which you will learn from every story.Writing is very simple and easy, there are no grammatical mistakes.The story is engaging.

Everyone should give a try .I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Wish to read more from the author in future.

Author's Bio
Shravya Gunipudi, a 23 year old CA and CS, has been writing ever since the tender age of nine. Now, more than a decade since her first journey with the pen, she has won numerous prizes for her Articles, Short Stories and Poetry. She was a part of 19 Anthologies with a total of 17 published stories and was recognised as 'Best Writer of the Year, 2013' by She is also the editor of the project 'The Book of Dreams', by Numerique Publications. Shravya wishes to explore her passion both in Finance and Writing. It is her dream to merge her creative side with her analytical one. Writing, she believes, is the best form of expression that calms the mind and frees the soul. Her favourite quote is 'Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about'.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

BOOK REVIEW: A Window Seat by Vishala Katta

When a dying corporate professional escapes into a train to somewhere, he finds himself become a storyteller of old mythological tales. Tagging along is ten year old Hari who is looking for his parents he lost in the trains. Together their adventures lead them to debating with priests, dancing with eunuchs, sharing meals and conversing casually about death with random strangers. A runaway wife tags along with these annoying mavericks. Taking her first train she is all ready to be an actress. That night, what begins as a harmless conversation changes their fate completely. What makes them hold on to each other for longer? Do they find what they were looking for? What happens when they bump into each other few years later? But do all of them make it alive? A window seat is all about those conversations with strangers that seem to change you unknowingly

BOOK REVIEW:-  I was given a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. I expected a lot from this book .The first look give me a feeling to read it as soon as possible.

The cover design of the book is just magnificent.

The title of the book is apt,which suites according to the story.
The main characters of the book are Stalin ,Hari ,Kuhu.
The little boy ( Hari) balanced himself, Stalin minded his own business. Stalin, a young corporate professional who on finding he has only a few months to live, embarks on a journey in search of a miracle, and Hari, a boy of about ten who has been lost on a platform and seeks his parents.

In between there are anecdotes and a touch of Indian Mythology.

I felt boring in between, the description given in the story could have been reduced. I think the story is stretched a lot which didn't made any meaning .The writing style was not much impressive.

I would Rate this book as follows :-
Book Cover - 4/5
Editing - 4/5 
Blurb - 4/5
Book Quality (Typing, Word Setting, Fonts) - 4/5 
Story - 3.5/5

Overall - 3.5/5

Monday, 10 October 2016

BOOK REVIEW: This Love that Feels Right... by Ravinder Singh


Life would have been easier had it been possible for us to plan falling in love more importantly avoid falling in love . . . Love is not for you she told herself. Inside just like any girl she desired to be loved. She had accepted her life the way it was till one day love showed up unannounced uninvited That s the thing with love. It doesn t take permission. It s in its very nature to gatecrash into our lives. Standing face-to-face with love she finds herself asking Is this love right? The answer is not simple. It never was . . . This intense love story will shake every belief you ve ever had about love. About the Author Ravinder Singh is the bestselling author of I Too Had a Love Story Can Love Happen Twice? Like It Happened Yesterday and Your Dreams Are Mine Now.

Finally completed this new book of Ravinder Singh. As expected the author is completely changed. I didn't find that Ravinder Singh who had made me cry with his first novel "I Too Had a  Love Story" around 5 years ago. Its sequel was quite emotional too but from last year his novels are changing. Just like his last novel "Your Dreams are Mine Now" this one too is totally based on logic and yes it's hell boring.

Honestly speaking there's no story in it, it's all about how one should deal with the situation if he or she is an extramarital affair. Yes it's actually tantamount to those bollywood movies of the 90s but there's a logical twist. Instead of making one guilty the author has logically solved the problem. In short the author has showed us that being american by dress isn't enough we need to be Americanized from our heart. And if you can't accept extramarital affair there is this character Manvika who'll produce logic for you to fight your thoughts.

Basically this isn't like John Green's books where the characters weave the story, this isn't like Nicholas Spark's "Safe Heavens" either where problems are revealed with time, here the knot already exists and the author has thrown three characters to disentangle it. You can predict the entire story from the very first page and at times the book is quite monotonous except a few places where the author has spoken about several aspects of gym ( last year i saw him uploading a picture in gym vests, i guess since then he has joined gym and as writers are the mirrors of society the entire gym is reflected in his book. He has even dedicated this book to his gym instructor. Sometimes you may feel that this book is all about gym only.). So, why this book got published ? Simple because it's based on a grave problem of our society.

This book can be a solution to our rising divorce problem but as a romantic novel , no this book isn't up to the mark and i would suggest not to buy this book unless you're going crazy to solve your extramarital relationship. A few noticeable things in this book is it's concept of 'attraction' and 'love' and its concept of 'society' ( If you want to know these concepts, and i guess you should know then you can inbox me freely)

P.S- This review is my own opinion and it may differ with yours.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:- Ravinder Singh is a software engineer who works with a prominent IT company in India.

He was brought up in a very small town of Orissa called Burla. After spending most of his life there, he has recently moved to Chandigarh. Owing to the Nature of his work, he has visited various parts of the world and he wishes to continue doing the same in future. Apart from reading and writing, The Author has a keen interest in working out in the gym. Occasionally, he loves playing snooker; his favorite game. He is crazy about Punjabi Music and loves dancing to its beats. I Too Had A Love Story.. is his debut novel.

BOOK REVIEW: Famous Illustrated Tales of Tenali Raman

In olden times stories with moral were told to the children in their families.The values and morals as presented in these stories,played an important role in igniting the young minds. So, it is vital to impart moral values to children. This book consists beautifully illustrated stories of Tenali Raman. Each tale in this Book, reveals some or all faces of Tenali's character-wit, wisdom & fair play. He was the favourite of king Krishnadeva Raya. The stories will teach morals to children in an unique way. We at Maple Press are determined to bring these stories back into the lives of the Gen Z.

The book is published by Maple Press.

Once upon a time a brave and mighty king Krishnadeva Raya ruled the vast empire of Vijayanagar. Hampi was its captial.
There were eight extra ordinary outstanding scholars who lived in the king's court and often helped him to take the right decisions.
But of them all,the king favoured Tenali Raman for his inherent qualities of wit and sarcasm.He was the most talented.

The stories are interesting ,best suited for children.The illustrations given in the book are nice.
Children would love to read this.

Wish to read more stories, 
Wish that the book would have never ended.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

BOOK REVIEW: 10 Golden Steps of Life by Vikrmn

Drive life rather than getting driven. Take that step.
For every objective that you set out for yourself, a journey is inevitable. It’s only when you take one step after the other, that you come closer to your goal.
"Own your way…your own way."

From dreams that change with time, to the purpose of life and attaining it; From others’ expectations, to the ability of self; the ever elusive love charm and not giving up, no matter what – every small thing in life requires a plan. 10 Golden Steps of Life charts out ten such rules, which when followed will ensure more confidence and, eventually, success.

The demands of life which are sometimes difficult to comprehend and fulfill have been beautifully woven in the ten stories that are inspired from real life events.

The cover of the book is appealing.

This book is indeed highly motivational and is a must read for everyone.
There are total 10 chapters in the book like Karma haunts, LIFE is like a Guitar,

Tame the time,Friendship is divine, Rise in love,etc.

Each chapter starts with quote which marks the beginning of the chapter. The book is beautiful 

What i like about the book:

  • Simple language
  • To the point description
  • Inspirational stories 
Some Quotes From The Book :-
You face failure,not the moment you are defeated,but the moment you give up fighting.

Dont blame yourself for the failures,for it hampers your chances to improve, in turn also coaxing you to give up. Dont let it be your hobby.

Quitting is giving something up; giving up is quitting everything.
The book is beautiful .I WOULD RATE THIS BOOK 4 OUT OF 5 STARS.

Vikrmn: aka CA Vikram Verma is author of "10 Golden Steps of Life" (2016), "Guru with Guitar" (2015), "10 Alone" (2013) and "MICS Unleashed (2007)". His novel "10 Alone" was featured in featured in Limca Book of Records 2015 - special Literature edition.

Multi-forte persona, his dexterity bags creative pursuits like chalk carving (, oil painting, spreadsheet programming (, stop-motion photography and Guitar. 

A Chartered Accountant by profession he blogs on Finance and Motivational topics at His Academic book ‘MICS Unleashed’ is for MIS and content is available at

As the founder of he serves elite quotes, to munch on, for the ecstatic mindset. Raised in Mohali, Punjab (India), he currently resides in Delhi.

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