Sunday, 19 July 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Happily Married by Chetan Dalvi

Why do some couples give up their dreams of marrying each other and go through life being nostalgic about their beautiful courtship days? Why does that intensity in love and oneness during courtship limp after marriage? Happily Married is the struggle of a lover to marry the love of his life, the voice of a husband sharing his experiences after marriage and a joy of a father watching his love divided between his wife and daughter. ...... I, Chetan Dalvi, indemnify to keep your daughter Soni safe, happy and content forever after our marriage....I hereby legally confirm that you will be always free to take any action against me, if I fail to obey my duty as husband of your daughter... I also undertake that I don t want anything from you at any point of time which denotes my life term, except the hand in marriage of your daughter Soni.

REVIEW :- I got this book from the author in exchange for honest review.
I never read any other book from the same author.This is my first time.
After seeing the cover of the book, i thought it would be a normal ,ordinary book like others.
But after reading the story, i found there was much more.
I like the story of the book.How Chetan impress Soni's father to make him agree to marry his daughter.
There are many things in the book which i like...the way its written, the writing style.
Everything in detail is mentioned, all the Rasams,rituals,wedding night.
Everything is perfect.
There are sweet poems .It shows pure love.

--->>> Her  dazzling starry smile glitters like stars,
Her beautiful face bears the peace of the moon,
That feeling within me with her presence is as powerful as sunlight,
The happiness of hugging her has the joy of showers.

--->>> When there is Family, there is Happiness in Soreness,
When there is Family, there is winning in Losing,
When there is Family,there is Cramming in Emptiness,
When there is Family,there is Everything in nothing.

Its straight-forward from the heart, touchy, emotional. I would recommend this book to all youngsters and couples husband-wife.I would give  this book 4 out of 5 stars

About the Author :-
Chetan Dalvi was born and brought up in a small town called Ulhasnagar in the state of Maharashtra. He started his writing career with his debut novel, Soni Please Come Back which he had written after breaking up with love of his life. Through his second book, Happily Married, he has made an attempt to advise couples not to desert each other in any situation. Relationships sail through several ups and downs and all it takes for maintaining a successful one is to support and encourage each other rather than moving on in life. His parents are his greatest inspiration for the successful inter-caste marriage. He has three siblings whom he feels he can always rely upon. He loves to travel, to listen to music and he loves to write the most. He believes that he is a preacher of love and respecting women. He wishes that he could have the biggest fish tank at his home, with obviously someone else to take care of the maintenance. He works with one of the biggest banks of India. You can connect with him at-


  1. Happily Married is an amazing book, a must read for every one who's in love and wants to be in love for ever.

  2. It is a very nice book and the best part is that we can easily relate to the story.

    Author has a very good sense of humour and he has expressed the same very nicely in his book. Which makes reading pleasurable.