Friday, 25 September 2015

The Bridal Pyre - Nainam Dahati Pavakah by Avantika Debnath

BOOK REVIEW:I got this book from the author in exchange for honest review.
The story revolves around the protagonist, Meera.
The character of Meera is by all accounts like real.I could feel it. Meera is a compound of different solid ladies I have gone over in life. 

When you read the book, you being an informed Indian lady will relate to her. However, how she handles the difficulties tossed at her by life is the thing that makes her phenomenal. 

Appropriate from the adolescence, young ladies are abused and not give right sort of training to remain individually feet. To rival young men. 

The story tosses light on some imperative theme found in our general public culture, about mercilessness towards women,t shroud their pain, to make adjustments, remain imbecilic and defenseless. 

Preferences:- The best piece of the book was the stream of the story which will compel you not to leave the book till you complete it. I am completely awed by the creative energy and composing style of the Author and holding up to peruse more from her.

I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Happiness Unlimited: Awakening With Brahmakumaris by by Sister Shivani

BOOK REVIEW:- The book is composed in the discussion way between Suresh Oberoi and Sister Shivani. Here in the eccentrics promotion surenesses of inquiries, more inquiries and answers develop thoughts of the self, decisions, molding, observations, activities, karmas, conviction framework, experiences....these together hold for us the experience (and the puzzle) that we comprehend and feel as satisfying. 

Otherworldly existence is not getting things done or getting to be somebody,- it is just about being who we genuinely are.As a 
reader ,we will have the capacity to end up in huge numbers of these circumstances that will convey to fore the everlasting human clashes that have held us in thrall since the start of life. 

The book will make an enabling impact on you.So that you assume responsibility of your life and stir to your unadulterated and internal identity. 

That will prompt self change and this is the progression towards joy.

Friday, 31 July 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Love.Not for Sale by Anurag Garg

I purchased the book from the Amazon.I have the past book from the writer "The Half Baked Love Story', so I couldn't avoid purchasing this book.

The cover is appealing and the cover obviously shows that it's a romantic tale book.

Its a demoralizing story. Every one of the occasions that happen in Kabir's life. He has a place with a rich family.His unique mother had passed on when he was little. His dad wedded again and now Kabir lives with his stepmother.He generally missed his mom.

Kabir picture in this novel , is appeared as Playboy. He is caught up with investing energy with young ladies, making new gfs, doing sex with them and taking drugs, drinks he was tranquilized dependent.

His dad bites the dust one day.He has not readied the will.Kabir was not set up for his dad sudden passing. The legal advisor asked Kabir whether all the property ought to be given to his stepmother and he consents to that Since Kabir was not rationally set he up, though he cannot deal with the business alone.

So all the property was given to Alisa.

Before long Kabir understood his misstep When he discovered his Stepmother Making out with other Men only couple of days after his dad passed on.

Kabir goes gaga for Sehar who is a sex specialist and then the turn happens in his life.

This is a grown-up novel.It's appropriate for 18+. I would not prescribe this novel to youths and youngsters.

It's truly heart touching, in the meantime passionate as well.

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Happily Married by Chetan Dalvi

REVIEW :- I got this book from the author in exchange for honest review.
I never read any other book from the same author.This is my first time.
After seeing the cover of the book, I thought it would be a normal, ordinary book like others.
But after reading the story, I found there was much more.
I like the story of the book.How Chetan impress Soni's father to make him agree to marry his daughter.
There are many things in the book which i like...the way it's written, the writing style.
Everything in detail is mentioned all the Rasams, rituals,wedding night.
Everything is perfect.

There are sweet poems.It shows pure love.

Her  dazzling starry smile glitters like stars,
Her beautiful face bears the peace of the moon,
That feeling within me with her presence is as powerful as sunlight,
The happiness of hugging her has the joy of showers.

When there is Family, there is Happiness in Soreness,
When there is Family, there is winning in Losing,
When there is Family,there is Cramming in Emptiness,
When there is Family,there is Everything in nothing.

Its straight-forward from the heart, touchy, emotional. I would recommend this book to all youngsters and couples husband-wife.I would give  this book 4 out of 5 stars

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW :Mistress of Honour by Bhaavna Arora

REVIEW :-  I purchased this book from amazon. 

I have just perused first book of the writer "The Deliberate Sinner" which was better than average. 

Presently returning to "Paramour Of Honour",after perusing the ad spot i became acquainted with that the story depends on Indian Army it was lyk WHAT?? Once more... l as of now read many books comparable like this. 

and As it is unmistakably specify in the cover page that the story is enlivened from the genuine stories. 

I truly loves a few sections of the book :- 

- This book uncovers the hardships and penances made by Indian armed forces and their families keeping in mind the end goal to serve our country. 

- The creator has obviously demonstrated the penances made by Indian armed force with a specific end goal to give us agreeable life by taking a chance with their own particular lives. 

- It demonstrates the agony and the give up superbly. 


After Rihana got the news of getting pregnant, She needed to shout and weep.The just individual in the entire world who could comprehend her concern was her mother.Pansy came and embraced her little girl and totally identified with her province of mind.Pansy had paid a cost for the maturity.There was nothing agonizing for the mother than to see her little girl in such a defenseless circumstance.

It is a gripping novel about love, longing .The plot is well built and very well narrated. I would give this book 4 stars out of 5.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW : Are You Magic or Am I a Trick? by Arpita Chipkar

Paperback: 173 pages
Publisher: Authorspress (2015)
Language: English

REVIEW :- I got this book in exchange for honest review.
This is the first occasion when i am perusing such sort of book. 

The blurb  plainly shows the story line. 

I am especially awed by the writer's method for writing.You can identify with it all the more frequently. 

There is anticipation… disaster, as well! All things considered, these components make up a decent story. 

Its a romantic tale of Tanya and Mihir. 

Wonders do happen infrequently. 

Tanya had never enamored as there was no such man who could so splendidly influence her heart to race. At times she do get herself strange. 

Mihir Singh Rajput is the saint of the novel. .Mihir is portrayed as a 6 feet one inch,wearing a darker suite of dim shade. He had wide shoulders and an immaculate physical make-up which looked so much the same as that of some mannequin. His chest, so glad ,he looks provocative and handsomeHe has reasonable composition .As soon as Tanya looks Mihir, she is promptly pulled in towards him. 

I truly like the story, there is feeling of creative ability , dream and funniness component in it.As a presentation book, the writer has made a decent showing with regards to! Anticipating read more from the writer.
I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Monday, 15 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW : Mr Imperfect Series (Complete collection) by Aditi Chopra

BOOK REVIEW :- I got this book from bookclub in exchange for honest review.Its a love triology, having three sections in it.One is House of Love, second is Arranged Marriage , third one is Love Tango . 

i FOUND THIS BOOK VERY INTERESTING.Its extremely elegantly composed, great plot 

I generally thought about how orchestrated relational unions functioned and on the off chance that they genuinely held two individuals together enamored. 

Nikki Desai is Real home specialist Her business is doing great. She generally used to convey pepper bottle with all her far from terrible boys.& then abruptly one day Karan Malhotra, a business specialist, strolls into her life. 

Second Part : 

Ishan is living in Texas when he backpedals to India to visit his folks. His folks set up an organized marriage with Sonali, who wants to leave India. She weds Ishan and moves to the US with him. She is totally lost in the new culture and uncertain of what to do. 

The creator has put indian touch in it, albeit western life is by all accounts alluring to many individuals. 

This book truly pulled me in and set aside opportunity to completed it .

The author has put Indian touch in it, although western life seems to be attractive to many people.

This book really pulled me in and took time to  finished it . ALL TOGETHER ,ITS A MUST BUY.
I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

BOOK REVIEW : Never Kiss your Best Friend by Sumrit Shahi

I Pre-requested this book on amazon and got it today,though i was extremely eager to peruse this book, yet it is not upto my desires.

Right off the bat i might want to disclose to you SUMRIT is a presumptuous guy...screenwritter for the television shows,Sadda Haq and Million Dollar Girls...i read his before books A Lot Like Love and JUST FRIENDS,

and in the wake of perusing this book from him , i am frustrated

he cant no where be contrasted with MR. DURJOY ,who is the success

the story, plot all are frail, he has composed every shitty thing.

Young lady running with her bf for underwear shopping, drinking with him, Ask to rate your butt.

This IS FAKE,,,no young lady might want this to share...& Author dont know anything about Girls...

everything indicates how Dirty he is,dirty mind,...what all goes in his brain...

He has rehashed this line 100 times in the book - "What the hell? " ...some place or another


I dont recognize what made the writer to compose this...


I might want to give it 1 out of 5 stars.VERY POOR ,RUBBISH.


  • Paperback: 206 pages
  • Publisher: Rupa Publications India
  • ISBN-10: 8129134853

BOOK REVIEW : Meditation for Stress by Nigel T. Powell

REVIEW :- This book was free yesterday on amazon kindle, So i bought it .
I should state this is great and is exceptionally useful. 

The key message of this book is for the individuals who might be perusing to attempt and figure out how to deal with an unpleasant scene or circumstance is,dont surrender. 

We simply need to consistent practice this true contemplations.Time and our developing energy of confined perception will do the rest.And recall that nothing is ever arbitrary. 

There are a number of books on the racks which manage the developing issue of worry in the world,..but this specific book gives clear , the exact method for taking care of stress and gives the answer for them. 

As it is as of now obvious that Thought and feelings are inseparably connected and can trigger stress.Of course, clinicians and specialists additionally have their ability to add to the subject, our employment is to comprehend the mind instrument &that underlie ordinary and unusual idea and feeling process.



Saturday, 16 May 2015

BOOK REVIEW : Te Amo... I LOVE YOU by Rohit Sharma

From the title itself  , its clear that this book is a romantic tale of Isabella and Aryan, which is extraordinary 

Te...amo is a rollercaster ride, it demonstrates that the sweetest grins shroud the most profound insider facts. The prettiest eyes have shed the most tears . Furthermore, the kindest hearts have felt the most extreme part. 

An excellent story with a vital message. 

Things which i like about this book : Simple dialect ,straight forward ,well written,well made 
associates the readers

It contains perfectly composed poems, quotes which i like . 

Thing which i don't like in the book :- feelings, it still didn't touched my heart 

in spite of the fact that its a sentimental story, i didnt felt it 

The creator has done careful research and made a decent showing with regards to.

Overall Rating : 4/5

I would recommend this book to  all the readers.

Friday, 24 April 2015

BOOK REVIEW : A Walk In The Rain by Udai Yadla

The book is very interesting.I just love reading this book.

The cover is very alluring and reminds me same like Tum Hi Ho-Aashiqui 2 

In any case, here the story is extraordinary. 

Saloni is a whore. 

At the point when Sandy - his lone love-left him unannounced, Sunny transformed into a sexist. Bright's companion Imran tries to acquire a change Sunny's disengaged life. The arranged birthday amaze transforms into a catastrophe as Imran is killed. Radiant needs revenge,Saloni cash. They get together to follow the executioner on an amazing experience. 

The romantic tale between Sandy and saloni truly tounched my heart. 

The Blurb additionally gives you a thought regarding a romantic tale which encourage you to peruse the book. 

The portrayal and groupings are somewhat intricate and adds to the length of the book. 

In any case, in a few sections, creator has quite recently expounded, expanded them,which i dont believe was required, and so i felt exhausting in the middle.

Some quotes from the book  :
“It’s beyond your consciousness that your soul lingers with the person you love and hence your mood will affect the one you love. This is the reason why you sometimes sense your moods changing mysteriously with no reason.”
“Separation is the most painful test to measure the sustainability of love.”
The author has done good job.

Overall Rating : 4/5

I would recommend this book to  all the readers.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

BOOK REVIEW : Metro Diaries by Namrata

REVIEW :-  Right off the bat I might want to thank the writer for sending me marked duplicate of the book 

I might want to state that the book is truly fascinating 

Metro Diaries is an accumulation of 17 short stories, stories that will move you,make u cheerful, cry, enthusiastic. 

all and all.. an entire bundle of feelings and emotions 

Every story is not quite the same as other 

Wonderful prose,poems, cites, sections that will touch ur heart , ur extremely internal being

Few lines from the book:-

"Will you give me a chance to pursue as I solidly hold your hand? 
Will you hold me tight as I take a flight to investigate my fantasies? 
Will you remain close by as I take a walk in this huge awful world? 
Will you be the breeze underneath my wings I take off towards the obscure? 
Will you enable me to fall as I figure out how to discover my feet? 
Will you go about as a shield as I battle my own particular fights? 
Will you wipe a tear as I hold your turn in fear? 
Will you investigate my eyes and see me through as I admit my affection for you? 
Will you feel my affection as I may expose my inner feelings? 
Will you be my sky in the event that I guarantee to be your daylight – together for eternity?" 

I Highly recommend this book to all the readers. 

General Rating - 4.5/5 stars 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

BOOK REVIEW : A Pluperfect Gift BY Shalabh Bansal

BOOK REVIEW :- Right off the bat, I thank the writer for sending me the book to audit 

The book is Very elegantly composed, extremely beautiful 

A story of yield, love, and supernaturalism, it likewise delivers the human feelings portraying consideration, expectation and anger all the while. 

I really like the written work style, straightforward , sweet and interesting 

by observing the cover, you will be enticed to peruse the whole book 

A Pluperfect Gift' is the account of Samar and Arisha. Samar is a designer in the dealer naval force and very nearly going up against another cruising task. A "shot" experience with Arisha changes the course of his customary life in a remarkable way since she turns into his adored as well as in light of the fantastical fight they need to wage against Time itself. 

a few quotes from the book 

'Life is truly simple, but we demand to make it convoluted.

'Butterflies tally not months but rather minutes, but they have time enough' 

Furthermore, another about the voyage of achieving its end, which stands representative of this story itself - 

'It is excessively regular an Error, making it impossible to transform the Order of Things; by making an End of that which is the Means, and a Means of that which is an End.'

OVERALL RATING :- 4.5/5  ,its a must read 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

BOOK REVIEW : RAPESCARS... They never heal by Gaurav Sharma

Review :- 
I m inspired by writer's method for composing and portraying the story 

The creator has conveyed the message obviously 

The ladies can relate it to themselves, the emotions 

Assaults occur in each general public. It is an illness of wiped out mentality. In our general public especially, we comprehend the sex connection to a great extent as sexual connection amongst man and lady. 

"RAPESCARS" is an assault survivor's point of view. Take after an announced instance of assault nearly. You will discover that in our nation getting assault is a lesser experience than battling for the equity. 

The book begins with Akriti, the protagonist, a youthful school young lady, is assaulted and experiences every one of the monstrosities a lady in India experiences in the wake of turning into the casualty of such a shocking wrongdoing. 

Her protest isn't effortlessly acknowledged at the police headquarters. Because of her dad's impact, she gets the opportunity to put an objection and push ahead with therapeutic examination where she is subjected to the shocking 'two finger test'. On the off chance that that wasn't sufficient, her notoriety is scarred in court. At long last, when it is the ideal opportunity for judgment, she asks for a supplication. What is it? Also, why is it made? Is it true that she was fruitful?

On a whole, its a good read.
My Ratings: 4/5