BOOK REVIEW: Who Breaks a Butterfly upon a Wheel? by Harish S Guru & Priyadharshini V

ABOUT THE BOOK:- Four boys break into a bank in the middle of the night with twelve hostages. They call the police first, and inform the press next. 
An encounter specialist, four bank robbers, twelve hostages and a frenzy crowd hold the nation for one day as the brilliant heist plan spirals into a media circus for the whole nation to watch. 
It’s more than just a bank robbery! 
Set in a quiet city in South India, this story can happen to you...

BOOK REVIEW:- THis is a debut novel by author 
theme- thriller/crime

the book is very well written & executed...plot is really good
it shows the condition of india, pathetic , corrupt politics
the story is based on four friends :- velu , KJ, JAK, baalaji
how they entered the bank & bankrupt it
they make a plan to do something against the government security.
.The story is well-oven & nicely baked.In my opinion
its gripping and super fast paced book that makes you turn pages so fast that you realise on

how the author planned to write this story- one of his friend's mother had died in a road accident , A drunken guy in a car hit her in broad daylight with hundreds of people watching . Not one person called the ambullence.The police men , who came to the spot ,took a thousand rupees from the guy & left him..
by the time, they took her to the hospital, they died

The author believes that the police are as good as criminals & he is right .This country needs a better class of criminals so that the police force gets some teeth.
WE need to beat the old system Get up & Join hans & think like an Indian.
Lets make this Nation great...Jain Hind! 

AS A  debut novel ,authors have done good job !!

OVERALL RATING:- 4.5/5  stars 



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