Friday, 31 July 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Love.Not for Sale by Anurag Garg

I purchased the book from the Amazon.I have the past book from the writer "The Half Baked Love Story', so I couldn't avoid purchasing this book.

The cover is appealing and the cover obviously shows that it's a romantic tale book.

Its a demoralizing story. Every one of the occasions that happen in Kabir's life. He has a place with a rich family.His unique mother had passed on when he was little. His dad wedded again and now Kabir lives with his stepmother.He generally missed his mom.

Kabir picture in this novel , is appeared as Playboy. He is caught up with investing energy with young ladies, making new gfs, doing sex with them and taking drugs, drinks he was tranquilized dependent.

His dad bites the dust one day.He has not readied the will.Kabir was not set up for his dad sudden passing. The legal advisor asked Kabir whether all the property ought to be given to his stepmother and he consents to that Since Kabir was not rationally set he up, though he cannot deal with the business alone.

So all the property was given to Alisa.

Before long Kabir understood his misstep When he discovered his Stepmother Making out with other Men only couple of days after his dad passed on.

Kabir goes gaga for Sehar who is a sex specialist and then the turn happens in his life.

This is a grown-up novel.It's appropriate for 18+. I would not prescribe this novel to youths and youngsters.

It's truly heart touching, in the meantime passionate as well.

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Happily Married by Chetan Dalvi

REVIEW :- I got this book from the author in exchange for honest review.
I never read any other book from the same author.This is my first time.
After seeing the cover of the book, I thought it would be a normal, ordinary book like others.
But after reading the story, I found there was much more.
I like the story of the book.How Chetan impress Soni's father to make him agree to marry his daughter.
There are many things in the book which i like...the way it's written, the writing style.
Everything in detail is mentioned all the Rasams, rituals,wedding night.
Everything is perfect.

There are sweet poems.It shows pure love.

Her  dazzling starry smile glitters like stars,
Her beautiful face bears the peace of the moon,
That feeling within me with her presence is as powerful as sunlight,
The happiness of hugging her has the joy of showers.

When there is Family, there is Happiness in Soreness,
When there is Family, there is winning in Losing,
When there is Family,there is Cramming in Emptiness,
When there is Family,there is Everything in nothing.

Its straight-forward from the heart, touchy, emotional. I would recommend this book to all youngsters and couples husband-wife.I would give  this book 4 out of 5 stars