Thursday, 5 January 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Think with Me by 'Saharasri' Subrata Roy Sahara

“When we see the problems related to political leadership, population growth, education, the media and religion going from bad to worse, a natural question comes up in our minds. Where, after all, did we go wrong? What happened during our democratic journey of independent India that we are faced with nasty problems on all these fronts? Why couldn’t we teach people occupying places of responsibility that rights are given to perform your genuine duties, not to serve your personal whims, false ego and greed?”It is the author’s firm belief that if the problems related to the above five fundamental issues continue to be as they are, the nation will be hit by a crisis of unimaginable proportions, our national edifice would crumble and everything that our leaders had valued and held sacred for the love of the country before independence, would be lost forever. So, the author, through a deep-seated and thought provoking commentary on these issues invites you to think along with him and ponder over them honestly and sincerely. While going through the book, you may come across points where you differ with the author but in the end, you will be convinced that to make our country ideal, the need is for a wider awakening on the issues as discussed in the book.

BOOK REVIEW:-  The book covers 5 different topics such as - 
  • Electoral system & Leadership
  • Population
  • Education system
  • Media
  • Religion
It was a short read , finished reading it in a one go .
The book focus on why India didnt made much progress after freedom as it was expected or it should be.
There is no doubt  that India has made rapid progress and achieved prosperity too, yet the goals that we set for ourselves are still unfulfilled or underachieved.

What kind of leadership is going on these days?
Rapid growth of population is the biggest issues of our country. Poverty rates which are already high will increase with this population and drag the economic growth rate of the country.

Communal riots and racism is also a problem .
Owning to to the irresponsible attitude of people is hindering the growth of our country and is  also causing problem .

I will rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. A Must Read .

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