Sunday, 22 February 2015

BOOK REVIEW : A Pluperfect Gift BY Shalabh Bansal

BOOK REVIEW :- Right off the bat, I thank the writer for sending me the book to audit 

The book is Very elegantly composed, extremely beautiful 

A story of yield, love, and supernaturalism, it likewise delivers the human feelings portraying consideration, expectation and anger all the while. 

I really like the written work style, straightforward , sweet and interesting 

by observing the cover, you will be enticed to peruse the whole book 

A Pluperfect Gift' is the account of Samar and Arisha. Samar is a designer in the dealer naval force and very nearly going up against another cruising task. A "shot" experience with Arisha changes the course of his customary life in a remarkable way since she turns into his adored as well as in light of the fantastical fight they need to wage against Time itself. 

a few quotes from the book 

'Life is truly simple, but we demand to make it convoluted.

'Butterflies tally not months but rather minutes, but they have time enough' 

Furthermore, another about the voyage of achieving its end, which stands representative of this story itself - 

'It is excessively regular an Error, making it impossible to transform the Order of Things; by making an End of that which is the Means, and a Means of that which is an End.'

OVERALL RATING :- 4.5/5  ,its a must read 


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