BOOK REVIEW : A Pluperfect Gift BY Shalabh Bansal

All was going well for Samar. He had a promising career in the merchant navy ahead of him, and he was looking forward to his next sailing assignment. Then came along Arisha, and he discovered the love of this life. What could possibly go wrong? 
This is the story of Samar and Arisha and their battle with the ultimate master—Time itself. And how sometimes, the most extraordinary things happen to ordinary people. 
In the ultimate clash between Love, Life and Time, who could possibly win?

FIRSTLY , i thank the author for sending me the book to review 
The book is Very well written, very beautifu
A tale of sacrifice, love and supernaturalism, it also brings forth the human emotions depicting care, hope and rage simultaneously.
I actually lyk the writing style,  simple ,sweet &  intresting 

by seeing the cover ,you will  be tempted to read the entire book

A Pluperfect Gift’ is the story of Samar and Arisha. Samar is an engineer in the merchant navy and on the verge of taking on a new sailing assignment. A ‘chance’ encounter with Arisha changes the course of his ordinary life in an extraordinary manner, not just because she becomes his beloved but also because of the fantastical battle they have to wage against Time itself. 

some quotes from the book
'Life is really simple,but we insist on making it complicated'
 Butterflies count not months but moments, and yet they have time enough

and another about the journey of reaching its end, which stands symbolic of this story itself -

It is too common an Error to invert the Order of Things; by making an End of that which is the Means, and a Means of that which is an End.’

OVERALL RATING :- 4.5/5  ,its a must read 


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