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In times when anthologies dwell on prosaic romantic accounts, Fablery presents Ten Shades of Life. From a nail-biting thriller to a spine-chilling ghost story, an exquisite romance to an ingenious fantasy, an adventurous science-fiction to mirthful and remarkable experiences of salaried men, stories of heroes and philosophies of life – it attends to the preferences of all readers.Ten Shades Of Life

When anthologies contain stories of one genre, after reading a couple of stories they get predictable and fail to keep a reader’s interest until the end, but a multi-genre book has something to offer to everyone and many things to one reader.
The writing styles of all the writers whose stories are included in this book are grand and the plots so engaging that they will force you to read another page and one another before you finally close the book. The stories will take you on a roller coaster between reality and fiction.

Review – 

“Incardines” (Fantasy/Mythology) by Miss Cheyenne Mitchell –  I loved the way author has portrayed the story. It created magic and I loved the story as it keeps unfolding the mysteries. It’s an impressive story. 

“Red and Gold” (Romance) by Monika Pant – It’s a historical yet love tale that needs lots of attention to understand the details. This love story is quite different from the chic – lits . I liked it.

“Harry’s Bluff” (Action/Adventure) by Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan –  This story catches your attention from the very starting. Twists keeps unfolding to left you wondering what would happen next. Narration skills are good.

“Something Like That” (Humor) by Shankar Raman A –  It is an humorous story. The story revolves around office colleagues and how they try to crack jokes on the other.The character sketch of the main protagonist comes live when you read the book.
“Weekend In The Country” (Horror) by Bruce Memblatt – Plot is really interesting. And I loved the the way the story started. It Chills down the spine. Story telling skills are good. 

“A Nootropic Egress” (Sci-Fi) by Karthik L – The characterization and plot is perfect but author could not create the magic. Overall good attempt. The elements of Sci-fi were very beautifully expressed.

“The Secret of Ahiraah” (Historical) by Reshmy Pillai –  story is full of unexpected twists. I loved way author has dissected the meaning of Ahiraah. This is the first time I read any historical story and loved it. Writing style of author is pretty good.

“Where Did You Go” (Suspense/thriller) by Deepa Duraisamy – the story left a story message when it ends. Plot is really interesting and I loved this story. Good attempt.

“Barren Harvest” (Philosophical) by Vinaya Swapnil Bhagat – this story was more like Hollywood sci-fi movies. This was an interesting read and you can easily relate yourself with it. Impressive story. 

“A Good Day To Die” (Occupational) by Rahul Biswas – The author has done justice with plot and characters. The story is all about friendship and betrayal. Ending wasperfect yet unpredictable.

Ten Shades Of Life is an anthology that you should pick up and it stands recommend by Read In Park. I am eagerly looking forward to read more from them. I would like to rate it 4 out of 5. Over all a good attempt by Fablery. All The Best for future endeavors.

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