Monday, 12 May 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Me "N" Her - A Strange Feeling by Rikky Bhartia

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

RATING :  ☆☆☆☆ ½ 

Review: Some love stories really make an impression in your heart..

 A story of Harsh and Janvi which one can relate to undoubtedly. The tagline “The story of love n separation where destiny dictates the relation” caught my eye and i liked the cover page too. I appreciate the author's efforts for the same. 
This novel speaks about love, friendship and separation. I enjoyed the friendship part of it. The shayaris and songs made it a pleasurable read. 

Its Simple ,Sweet , showed the emotions clearly & you can connected yourself very well

 Few sections of the book, for e.g. the one when the protagonist decides to leave Janvi for her first love was a good twist, or the portrayal of harsh leaving Mumbai after Janvi's wedding was also good. 

What was happening to me ? Was I falling in love again or was I feeling like this because she cared  for me so much ?Did she also love me ? I  am not sure ; may be  she just liked  me as a friend .Should  I  get into all  this  again?  Will she  also leave me midway  or will  this relationship  bring happiness and love into my life ?

Kya bataun kya ho tum?
Andheri raat mein chamkta, khubsurat chaand ho tum…
Tapti dhoop main bearish ki thandiboond ho tum
Kichad main jo khile wo sundar, kamal ho tum…
Ruuasi main jo aaye wo pyaari, muskaan ho tum…
Jisko dekh ke dil khush ho jae wo haseen khwab ho tum
Har jawan dil jise chahe wo kwaish ho tum
Aur kya kahe kya ho tum…
Bas jo jeene ke liye chahiye ab to meri wo saansein ho tum.

There were few moments in the book which really made me fall in love while reading.

“ Love is not always getting who you love;it’s also the ability to think about the happiness of the one you love…. Weather with you or without you, and your happiness should be in your loved one’s happiness…” 

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