Friday, 20 June 2014

Sita's Curse...The Language Of Desire

Publisher: Hachette India

About The Author:  Sreemoyee Piu Kundu is an Indian erotica writer.  A former Lifestyle editor and PR head, she has also written: A Pleasant Kind of Heavy and Other Erotic Stories, You've Got The Wrong Girl and Cut!

About the book: Meera Patel has struggled under the weight of a dead marriage. Struggling between her own sexual needs and the inexistant affections of her husband, she tries to hide her feelings and desires, managing to survive on her memories and fantasies alone for fifteen years. However, she cannot take the pain of her lusty, sensual body going to waste as her husband refuses to make love to her. She knows her body deserves to be worshipped, and one day in Mumbai, she finds a chance to let that happen. The cataclysm that ensues changes her life forever, and she has to fight off orthodox hypocrites of Indian society if she needs to be happy with herself.

Review:  In India erotica is not into the limelight as much as it ought to be. Sita’s Curse is one such attempt by the Author in Indian Literatute.. The First look of the cover and the title clearly indicates about the woman’s and its desires and fantasies. I like the cover of the book. The Blurb is short and simple which indicates about a woman’s Struggle after marriage. The author explained the plot nicely and in detail. The character of Meera had very well narrated. A woman with desire of Lust, Sexual fantasy and sex. Sometimes you feel hatred for the character but sometimes you feel sad and emotionally attached to the woman. The starting was boring as too much sex sometimes become monotonous. But once Meera Reached Mumbai the Plot took an Interesting turn. The author had also taken Mumbai’s Plot in a very detailed manner plus there are some Guruji’s in our society who exploit young woman in terms of sex which is also nicely narrated. The book makes you sit and question about the important issues of the society: Faith, Love, Sex and desire. It is an eye opener for both men and women. The climax is equally engaging. Meera as a woman , the way she had handled her life and desires were really well portrayed by the author. The Vocabulary and Language is very well written. 

The only mistake was Binal  is misspelt and Bimal in a couple of times. I also didn't understand why Meera is compared with Sita as both had faced different suffering. Overall A nice book to read. People with an open mind and love to read a different Plot can buy this book. All the best author.

RATING : 4/5  

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