Friday, 20 June 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Sita's Curse...The Language Of Desire

Publisher: Hachette India

In India erotica is not into the spotlight as much as it should be. Sita's Curse is one such endeavor by the Author in Indian Literature.

The First look of the cover and the title plainly shows about the lady's and its wants and dreams. I like the front of the book. The Blurb is short and basic which shows about a lady's Struggle after marriage. The creator clarified the plot pleasantly and in detail. The character of Meera had exceptionally all around described. A lady with want of Lust, Sexual dream and sex. Now and again you feel disdain for the character yet here and there you feel pitiful and sincerely appended to the lady. The beginning was exhausting as an excessive amount of sex some of the time wind up noticeably dull. Be that as it may, once Meera Reached Mumbai the Plot took an Interesting turn. 

The creator had additionally taken Mumbai's Plot in an exceptionally point by point way in addition to there are some Guruji's in our general public who misuse young lady as far as sex which is likewise pleasantly described. The book influences you to sit and question about the critical issues of the general public: Faith, Love, Sex and want. It is an eye opener for the two men and ladies. The peak is similarly captivating. Meera as a lady , the way she had taken care of her life and wants were truly very much depicted by the creator. The Vocabulary and Language is exceptionally elegantly composed. 

The main error was Binal is incorrectly spelled and Bimal in two or three times. I likewise didn't comprehend why Meera is contrasted and Sita as both had confronted distinctive enduring. By and large A pleasant book to peruse. Individuals with a receptive outlook and love to peruse an alternate Plot can purchase this book. All the best creator.

RATING : 4/5  

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