Friday, 19 December 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Who Breaks a Butterfly upon a Wheel? by Harish S Guru & Priyadharshini V

ABOUT THE BOOK:- Four boys break into a bank in the middle of the night with twelve hostages. They call the police first, and inform the press next. 
An encounter specialist, four bank robbers, twelve hostages and a frenzy crowd hold the nation for one day as the brilliant heist plan spirals into a media circus for the whole nation to watch. 
It’s more than just a bank robbery! 
Set in a quiet city in South India, this story can happen to you...

BOOK REVIEW:- THis is a debut novel by author 
theme- thriller/crime

the book is very well written & executed...plot is really good
it shows the condition of india, pathetic , corrupt politics
the story is based on four friends :- velu , KJ, JAK, baalaji
how they entered the bank & bankrupt it
they make a plan to do something against the government security.
.The story is well-oven & nicely baked.In my opinion
its gripping and super fast paced book that makes you turn pages so fast that you realise on

how the author planned to write this story- one of his friend's mother had died in a road accident , A drunken guy in a car hit her in broad daylight with hundreds of people watching . Not one person called the ambullence.The police men , who came to the spot ,took a thousand rupees from the guy & left him..
by the time, they took her to the hospital, they died

The author believes that the police are as good as criminals & he is right .This country needs a better class of criminals so that the police force gets some teeth.
WE need to beat the old system Get up & Join hans & think like an Indian.
Lets make this Nation great...Jain Hind! 

AS A  debut novel ,authors have done good job !!

OVERALL RATING:- 4.5/5  stars 


Sunday, 7 December 2014

~Release Blitz~ Naughty & Nice: A Holiday Collection ~

Naughty & Nice:
A Holiday Collection
Featuring: J. S. Scott, Ruth Cardello, Kathleen Brooks,
 M Malone, Skye Jordan, Sawyer Bennett,
 Lynda Chance, Melanie Shawn, Cali MacKay,
 Jean Oram, & Evelyn Adams
Genre: Holiday Romance
Release Date: December 2, 2014

Mine For Christmas by J. S. Scott:
Will the emotional distance between a married couple with an infant daughter tear the two lovers apart? Or will a precious gift from Santa help them heal their misunderstandings and have the merriest Christmas they’ve ever had?

Twelve Days Of Temptation by Ruth Cardello:
Kate Hale is about to find out what happens when you ask Santa Claus to put you on his naughty list. Brock Foster has wanted Kate for a long time and is not above using deception to fulfill her steamy Christmas wish.

Secret Santa by Kathleen Brooks:
It wouldn't be Christmas in Keeneston without a party! Everyone's invited, even Santa…
Kenna's court docket is full, Dani's hiding from her in-laws, Paige and Annie are about to burst from pregnancy, and Marshall is breaking up fights at the PTA Christmas Concert. The sweet potato casserole is made, the ham and biscuits are on the table, and men are losing their shirts - and not because of bets placed with the Rose Sisters! All the while, the entire town is wondering one thing: who is the Secret Santa that showed up with special gifts for everyone?

Christmas With The Alexanders by M. Malone:
Kaylee Wilhelm knows what she wants for Christmas—for Elliott Alexander to notice her. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like her much, so she’s spending the holidays with her disapproving parents. When Kay’s car skids out of control on Christmas Eve, she’s forced to reach out to the only man she trusts to save her.

Rumor by Skye Jordan:
A year ago, former Navy SEAL Josh Marx fell for his teammate's ex, and his strict moral code demanded he get as far away from her as possible. But when he finds out she's in trouble, that same code pushes him to change his Christmas plans and check in on Grace Ashby—uncovering feelings they both thought they'd buried....

Off Season by Sawyer Bennett:
Irish lass, Cady Dunne, wasn’t looking to fall for professional hockey player, Zane Kavanaugh during a visit to the States. But she did… and now an ocean stands between them. Can a Christmas miracle bring them back together?

Staking His Claim by Lynda Chance:
When twenty-one year old Elaina Ruiz meets Raul Vega, she recognizes his ruthless intensity and chooses not to correct him when he mistakes her for a teenager. The moment Raul sees Elaina, he knows he will have her, even if it means waiting for her to grow up.

My Love by Melanie Shawn:
A surprise twist on their spur-of-the-moment holiday trip will leave Bobby and Sophie Sloan's lives forever changed. Sexy weekend getaways don't get much better than this.

A Mermaid Isle Christmas by Cali MacKay:
Aidan Nordson just wants to be left alone to live his life and deal with his demons, but when a Christmas blizzard strands Chloe Madison at his door, the gorgeous and feisty brunette stirs feelings in him he’s not ready to deal with. Forced together by fate and circumstance, can Aidan let go of the past that haunts him so he can learn to love again, or will the storm in his heart swallow him in its darkness?

Eggnog and Candy Canes: A Blueberry Springs Christmas Novella by Jean Oram:
From enemies to lovers. Nurse Katie Reiter’s nemesis, Dr. Nash Leham is back in Blueberry Springs and he came for one thing—Katie. Will their battles turn to stolen kisses in the midst of a Christmas storm or will Katie find her happily ever after in the arms of another?

Wrapped by Evelyn Adams:
Julie Blake thought she’d gotten over her first love, but when a business deal gone wrong brings her to his restaurant on Christmas Eve, she falls right back into his arms. Celebrity chef Eric Auxtres may have seduced the only woman he's ever loved into his bed again, but can he find a way into her heart or will she walk out of his life as unexpectedly as she walked in?