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In times when anthologies dwell on prosaic romantic accounts, Fablery presents Ten Shades of Life. From a nail-biting thriller to a spine-chilling ghost story, an exquisite romance to an ingenious fantasy, an adventurous science-fiction to mirthful and remarkable experiences of salaried men, stories of heroes and philosophies of life – it attends to the preferences of all readers.Ten Shades Of Life

When anthologies contain stories of one genre, after reading a couple of stories they get predictable and fail to keep a reader’s interest until the end, but a multi-genre book has something to offer to everyone and many things to one reader.
The writing styles of all the writers whose stories are included in this book are grand and the plots so engaging that they will force you to read another page and one another before you finally close the book. The stories will take you on a roller coaster between reality and fiction.

Review – 

“Incardines” (Fantasy/Mythology) by Miss Cheyenne Mitchell –  I loved the way author has portrayed the story. It created magic and I loved the story as it keeps unfolding the mysteries. It’s an impressive story. 

“Red and Gold” (Romance) by Monika Pant – It’s a historical yet love tale that needs lots of attention to understand the details. This love story is quite different from the chic – lits . I liked it.

“Harry’s Bluff” (Action/Adventure) by Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan –  This story catches your attention from the very starting. Twists keeps unfolding to left you wondering what would happen next. Narration skills are good.

“Something Like That” (Humor) by Shankar Raman A –  It is an humorous story. The story revolves around office colleagues and how they try to crack jokes on the other.The character sketch of the main protagonist comes live when you read the book.
“Weekend In The Country” (Horror) by Bruce Memblatt – Plot is really interesting. And I loved the the way the story started. It Chills down the spine. Story telling skills are good. 

“A Nootropic Egress” (Sci-Fi) by Karthik L – The characterization and plot is perfect but author could not create the magic. Overall good attempt. The elements of Sci-fi were very beautifully expressed.

“The Secret of Ahiraah” (Historical) by Reshmy Pillai –  story is full of unexpected twists. I loved way author has dissected the meaning of Ahiraah. This is the first time I read any historical story and loved it. Writing style of author is pretty good.

“Where Did You Go” (Suspense/thriller) by Deepa Duraisamy – the story left a story message when it ends. Plot is really interesting and I loved this story. Good attempt.

“Barren Harvest” (Philosophical) by Vinaya Swapnil Bhagat – this story was more like Hollywood sci-fi movies. This was an interesting read and you can easily relate yourself with it. Impressive story. 

“A Good Day To Die” (Occupational) by Rahul Biswas – The author has done justice with plot and characters. The story is all about friendship and betrayal. Ending wasperfect yet unpredictable.

Ten Shades Of Life is an anthology that you should pick up and it stands recommend by Read In Park. I am eagerly looking forward to read more from them. I would like to rate it 4 out of 5. Over all a good attempt by Fablery. All The Best for future endeavors.

EX ...a twisted love story BY NOVONEEL CHAKRABORTY : A REVIEW

What will you do if one day a svelte and sexy girl comes up to you and says she is your ex ? And the only thing you know about her is that you don't know anything about her.

Neel, an aspiring author, meets Nivrita at the Jaipur Literary Festival. Though Nivrita says she is his ex, he remembers nothing and yet everything about her seems to lure him to unravel the mystery she personifies. The more he is drawn to her, the more Neel feels guilty because he is already in a steady relationship with Titiksha, the love of his life.

When Nivrita makes a tempting offer to Neel, which he accepts for his own good, his life slowly begins to spiral out of control while Titiksha starts turning into a stranger until Neel realizes there's much more than his eyes can see and mind can recollect.

Novoneel Chakraborty, bestselling author of A Thing Beyond Forever, That Kiss In the Rain and How About a Sin Tonight? brings forth yet another poignant story, twisted in essence. EX will make you drop your jaws wide open.

dict –

Some stories are never meant to end... They are just eternal. They leave a lasting impression on your mind. And more than anything else they inspire you. EX will make you think and leave an impression on you for sure. The book is a good “page-turner”. He is able to nail some unshakable truths of love and life brilliantly with his flair of description. Ex – a twisted love story is honest work of Novoneel Chakraborty which will keep you engross in the book till the last word of the novel.

Tempted as I am by numbers at times, I rate this novel 4.5/5.  Ex – a twisted love story makes amazing reading and I recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a good story. I am sure you will enjoy reading it.


On The Jacket –

What do you call it when three beautiful women come in your life, but you are still single? What if they all, at some point, tried to entice you but you feel like committing suicide because of loneliness? What do you call it when you made no mistake but still, you feel guilty as sin? Jay had a common life until Saloni, Prachi and Vineeta came in his life and changed everything. At times, he avoided the love that knocked at his door and when he actually needed it, the same love kicked him. He betrayed, He got betrayed, He rejected, and He got rejected. From being shot in the back by Prachi's father to getting intimate with Vineeta under the influence of alcohol, his life was as spicy as those masala Bollywood movies. He was getting used to his life, until one night, he decides to jump off a building and end everything
Verdict – 

I would like to rate this novel 3/5. This book is worth reading once. It’s a light read. You can give it a try. You can read this if you’re going on long trip or have a boring night.

It’s No Longer A Dream

“Does love manage to find a way, even when all illusions fade? Where does the journey end?”
Plot:   Story about Akshat Diwan born in rich family has every materialistic things in life car, mansion but no one to talk to. So he  embarks to an unknown journey where he meets a stranger and how his life changes after meeting the guy and how this journey unravels the harsh realities of life
My review:  Its has a nice plot.Beautifully written, you will completely enjoy reading it.The story revolves around Akshat, Naina, Randhir, Radhika.The story is divided in three parts and my favourite is part 2 and part 3 .Though the story becomes predictable the author “Sanjeev Ranjan” was successful in portraying the emotions and making it really nice read. Few lines I loved “It happens that everything that you look for is in front of you, but you don’t understand takes time.And so it was with me. You have to go away from someone in order to come closer to them.
The down part of the book is the dragging beginning in part 1 and there were few typing error and i would have prefered if end was little elaborated instead of keeping it specific.
Rating :   3 ½/ 5 

Moonlit Matinee…And love takes over

Firstly a hearty congratulations to all the authors who came up with 14 awesome stories.
The first story “BON VOYAGE” by Harshita Srivastava :  The story revolves around the fact that people realises someones value when they are gone, the same was the case of aakash who fell in love with khushi.I liked its ending and it definitely had a nice plot.
The second story “EMPTINESS” by Pulkit Gupta:  The story evolves around a guy Rachit who loves to explore places and on one such visit meets Radhika, and will their love for nature bind them together or not.I loved the plot and the story.
The third story “RASGULLA” by Abhishek ‘Atul’ : The story revolves around Aniket and Rhea who meet when Flight AIR 26 to New Delhi is delayed and start taking about their life.The end where actually Rasgulla was used was too good.this story touched my <3  so I will say this is my favourite story.
The fourth story “WISH YOU WERE HERE” by Ila Garg : As the name suggest the story revolves around Aakash and vaani, how they met and fell in love and how a twist seprates them the end poem is too good.
The fifth story “THE ROSEMARY LETTERS” by Ashish Sharma : It is about a girl getting letter from someone and written in a poetic format.Its nice to read but I felt there are some parts I couldn’t understand.
The sixth story “ALL I WANT IS YOU” by Sonia Kundra Singh : The story revolves around Devyani and Abhimanyu.The way Abhimanyu propose was nice and Devyani getting he shock adds a different touch to the story.
The seventh story “THE LOVE STORY” by Harpreet Makkar: The story is of Harry and Shreya and how there love unites them and what all goes around their life during that time. My favourite lines were There are few love stories that initiate with bliss and end with agony, there are other few that initiate with agony and end with bliss but there are very few that initiate with blissful moments and end with the same” .
The eighth story “THE GIFTS” by Ishita Bhown : The story revolves around Raj and Jia where she ask two gifts from raj before they get married.I liked the whole concept,It is the second best story,but I didn’t love its ending that much.
The ninth story “BOLLYWOOD AFFAIR’S” by Ayaan Basu : The story revolves around  Nishant and Farzin, and how Nishant helps Farzin to find herself and her ambition.I felt it coul have been much more.
The tenth story “FLAVOURED SMOKE” by Pratham Devang:It’s a cute bubbly romantic love story, very sweetly written where Aviral and Aisha gets separated and then fate decides to bring them back together.
The eleventh story “LYRICS OF LAVISH RAIN” by Rachna Seth: It has a beautiful lyrics and you will feel every line has emotions in it.My favourite were “ Love is mere selfish I tell you,It makes you forget all that-which scares you!”
The twelfth story “CUPID’S ARROW, BULL’S EYE”  by Siddhartha Yadav : It’s a story where a girl loves a guy, but the guy has only lust.It rather bold topic but as a girl i feel the end wasnt justified.
The thirteenth story “EHSAAS – THE FEELING”  by Pulkit Gupta The story of an orphaned couple Mayank and Anushka who tries  to build a new family around her and completely different from the rest, a nice sweet  plot. A nice ending to the book.
The fourteenth story “AN ODE TO RELATIONSHIP”  by Nandini Garg A poem full of emotions.Just goes with the flow.
The 14 stories on different facets of love.The stories I loved reading  is 3,6,8,10,12,13.The Downpart of the book I feel, the part where the title and pic of author comes it needed editing coz spaces are added in word were not requiered.And Mostly every story takes you to the past and then back to present,But apart from that it has nice romantic touch to the book.
Rating: 3½/5

Emotions Unplugged

PLOT: Emotions Unplugged is a collection of 15 short stories based on different genres. Diksha travels through the roads of Mumbai a day prior to her divorce with her husband, Virain; Gauri steals the money from her master’s locker and runs to her village; Rizwan works as a laborer in construction sites at Dubai in spite of being the son of a rich man from Bangladesh; Samar gets the last gift of love from his grandmother after her death; Patrick believes after visiting a state that he has visited a country, he still had to visit 27 more countries in India; Rajat spends the night to different bars with a friend to meet a lady, Palak; an old lady who believes in her religion and hates Muslims finds an indigestible truth when she visits her daughter’s home; Vinit falls in love with a veiled girl while travelling in Delhi metro to reach his office everyday and a lot more.
Numerous emotions pluck in to bring a thought-provoking cocktail. Indeed pen is mightier than sword, and words have potential to bring the change. And surprisingly you never know when it does…
The first story “ A DAY BEFORE MY DIVORCE” : The story as the name suggest revolves around Vikram and Disha are on verge of getting divorce but fate has decided something else.A sweet romantic read and nice ending,as it definitely adds a nice start to the book.
The second story “LET’S TURN OLDIES”: The story is about and old guy teaching lesson to youngster.It has nice thought to it but I felt the story was too short felt a little less of emotions.
The third story “THEFT”:  As the name suggest the story is about a girl who steals money, but there is a twist in end.Though the story is very nice I found it a very abrupt ending and few things were left hanging.
The fourth story “GRANNY’S LAST GIFT OF LOVE” : It’s a story of a guy who is asked to join his uncle for the treatment of his Granny.It’s a beautiful touching story and so far my faviourite.A story completely filled with emotions.
The fifth story “THE FIRST LOVE” : The story revolves around a guy who fell in love in school and shy guy who couldn’t have the guts to propose the girl he loves but fate has something else stored for them.It is a soft cute bubbly love story with a nice ending
The sixth story “THE IMPOSSIBLE TRUTH”:  The story revolves around Madhu and his past.The story was able to create suspense but I didn’t liked its ending.I wanted to know what happened after the truth got reveled.
The seventh story “A COUNTRY WITH 27 OTHER COUNTRIES” :  The story is about a foreigner and his visit to India and what all does he find here.It has a message in the story.
The eighth story “AFTER COLLEGE” : It’s a story about a girl who gets married and about her responsibilities and what all changes she had to go through after her college.The story is very nice, nice emotions invoked.
The ninth story “ONE WILD NIGHT” : The story reminds me of Hindi Proverb ‘Jaise ke saath taisa’ .I totally loved it,it’s hilarious It will definitely make you laugh .
The tenth story “AND GOD SAID YES!”: It’s a story about couple who is expecting their first child and the girls mom being casteist.I loved the story but i was disappointed as my book had half page print missing.
The eleventh story “THE VEILED GIRL”: The story revolves around a guy who is in love with a girl whose eyes can only been seen.It’s a sweet romantic story I loved the secret and the ending.
The twelfth story “THE GROOM”: The story revolves around a girl who has just given her final year graduation exam and her family wants to marry her off leaving her ambitions.The story shows the old Indian mentality.Overall a very good read.
The thirteenth story “THE MISUNDERSTANDING”: Its a story of two friend where one wishes birthday to other and the responds rudely and then comes sepration.It is a story to think, and has message that whenever you get into fight with your friends leave your go aside and clear out the misunderstanding.
The fourteenth story “FLOWERS OF HOPE”: The story is about a girl who comes across a baby and what she has to go through.Its a heart touching story.
The fifteenth story “KARMA RETURNS”: Its a story of a rich spoilt brat who end up doing a bad deed and then Karma returns.Its a nice suspense story.A nice read though.
Since it’s the first book of author,Vishal has been able to put forth all the emotions needed in this book.I have loved the 1st , 4th , 5th ,9th and 14th.The best part of the book is he has collected some awesome thoughts of different people, which are apt for every story.  My favourite lines
“Sometimes I drop my spoon” said the little boy.
“I do that too,” said the old man.
The little boy whispered, “I wet my pants”.
“I do that too,” laughed the little old man.
“I often cry” said the little boy.
The old man nodded. “So do I”
“But the worst of all” said the boy.
“It seems grownups don’t pay attention to me.”
And he felt the warmth of a wrinkled old hand.
“I know what you mean,” said the little old man.
The Downpart of the book was the stories in the first half had more emotions than in other.Then the tenth story had a half page missing and two very small short story apart from that a nice read.
Ratings: 3/5

Unsatisfied Satisfactions

PLOT: Unsatisfied Satisfactions, a confusing combination of two words, are the feelings when someone close to you, whom you loved the most, is no more in your life but you are still satisfied thinking about that someones wellbeing and happiness. You bequeath your happiness to see that person satisfied. Riitik, a common boy from a Punjabi family, fell in love with Niyati who belongs to a Brahmin family. After a good, unforgettable time spent together and having one of the best love moments anyone could think of, they dreamt of being together to measure every thick and thins of life. They thought that nothing in the world was strong enough to put them apart. No other relation was more important to them than theirs. And they were meant to be for each other truly, madly and deeply. But then, destiny, which made them meet first, played its game again and things changed with its one Masterstroke.
REVIEW: The story is about the author himself and his love Niyati.Its starts of with how they met, how the fell in love with each other and other aspects of love.He has given highlights to all those people who are there in the picture for a short duration.In the first half you could feel the joy of being in relation whereas from the second part where they start drifting apart, you could feel the sorrow.Riitik has been able to play with emotions.I hated its ending not because I didn’t liked it I felt it was stupid of Niyati.
The Downpart of the book is the plot is common but the ending was different from others.Since the summary has mentioned the author belongs to Punjabi family and the girl to a brahmin family so drama scene of family members which wasnt at all covered in the book.
Apart from that, Riitik has done  tremendously well job to put forward a book so romantic book.

Murder mania

An engaging mystery set against the backdrop of a college.

It is not often that one comes across a celluloid pot-boiler in print. Debutante author Usha Narayanan’s novel Madras Manglers is an engaging murder mystery set against the backdrop of a college. Unsuspecting college girls, on-campus louts, a handsome investigating officer and a psychopath on the run form the prime ingredients of this potpourri.
The girls at SS Padmaja College in Chennai are frazzled by a group of goons known as Asuras. Much like their name, this gang is demoniacal in every way possible — terrorising girls to do their bidding, leering at them in public and even hacking into their computers. A group of five best friends — Kat, Lolita, Minx, Moti and Deepika — are trying to fend off the Asuras’ unwanted attention and simultaneously battling their own personal problems.
And then begins a spate of gruesome murders of young girls. A chance discovery of a decomposed female body in the Adyar River sparks a trail of similar murders. The common factors (strangulation with a silk scarf, silver anklets on victims’ feet, a missing toe, etc.) point to a dangerous psychopath. As the terror spreads, ace criminologist Vir Pradyumna is flown down from the U.S. to help the police investigation. Amid power struggles between the local police departments and politicians, Vir starts his investigations by befriending the girl gang. 
From there, the story flows out in myriad directions making the plot interesting and convoluted simultaneously. Moti tries to wrestle her independent life back from a ‘goon of a fiancĂ©e’; Minx and Kat try to keep their nagging mothers at bay to avoid inane marriage proposals; Lolita tries to keep up a facade of arrogance and confidence to hide her shady background. Kat and Vir develop a love-hate bond. As interesting as they are, these sub-plots also dilute the main plot.  
Some aspects like the underwater laboratory or the over-the-top descriptions of the villainous goons lend a touch of fantasy. However, to be fair, the visual images are riveting. The author’s advertorial background becomes evident in these touches. The way the murderer has been woven into the plot is so unobtrusive that one doesn’t join the dots till the end. The twist takes the reader totally by surprise and would have been more effective had it not been entangled with a chaotic cricket-match backdrop. Nevertheless, the nail-biting suspense makes up for all the tiny glitches. Usha Narayanan has done a great job of handling a genre as tricky as a suspense thriller. We would definitely like to read more of her works soon.