Sunday, 2 March 2014

EX ...a twisted love story BY NOVONEEL CHAKRABORTY : A REVIEW

What will you do if one day a svelte and sexy girl comes up to you and says she is your ex ? And the only thing you know about her is that you don't know anything about her.

Neel, an aspiring author, meets Nivrita at the Jaipur Literary Festival. Though Nivrita says she is his ex, he remembers nothing and yet everything about her seems to lure him to unravel the mystery she personifies. The more he is drawn to her, the more Neel feels guilty because he is already in a steady relationship with Titiksha, the love of his life.

When Nivrita makes a tempting offer to Neel, which he accepts for his own good, his life slowly begins to spiral out of control while Titiksha starts turning into a stranger until Neel realizes there's much more than his eyes can see and mind can recollect.

Novoneel Chakraborty, bestselling author of A Thing Beyond Forever, That Kiss In the Rain and How About a Sin Tonight? brings forth yet another poignant story, twisted in essence. EX will make you drop your jaws wide open.

dict –

Some stories are never meant to end... They are just eternal. They leave a lasting impression on your mind. And more than anything else they inspire you. EX will make you think and leave an impression on you for sure. The book is a good “page-turner”. He is able to nail some unshakable truths of love and life brilliantly with his flair of description. Ex – a twisted love story is honest work of Novoneel Chakraborty which will keep you engross in the book till the last word of the novel.

Tempted as I am by numbers at times, I rate this novel 4.5/5.  Ex – a twisted love story makes amazing reading and I recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a good story. I am sure you will enjoy reading it.

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