Wednesday, 11 March 2015

BOOK REVIEW : Metro Diaries by Namrata

REVIEW :-  Right off the bat I might want to thank the writer for sending me marked duplicate of the book 

I might want to state that the book is truly fascinating 

Metro Diaries is an accumulation of 17 short stories, stories that will move you,make u cheerful, cry, enthusiastic. 

all and all.. an entire bundle of feelings and emotions 

Every story is not quite the same as other 

Wonderful prose,poems, cites, sections that will touch ur heart , ur extremely internal being

Few lines from the book:-

"Will you give me a chance to pursue as I solidly hold your hand? 
Will you hold me tight as I take a flight to investigate my fantasies? 
Will you remain close by as I take a walk in this huge awful world? 
Will you be the breeze underneath my wings I take off towards the obscure? 
Will you enable me to fall as I figure out how to discover my feet? 
Will you go about as a shield as I battle my own particular fights? 
Will you wipe a tear as I hold your turn in fear? 
Will you investigate my eyes and see me through as I admit my affection for you? 
Will you feel my affection as I may expose my inner feelings? 
Will you be my sky in the event that I guarantee to be your daylight – together for eternity?" 

I Highly recommend this book to all the readers. 

General Rating - 4.5/5 stars