Saturday, 23 May 2015

BOOK REVIEW : Meditation for Stress by Nigel T. Powell

Meditation For Stress offers a safe and yet effective treatment for the symptoms and causes of every day stress. The tried and tested formula is based on a form of meditation which soothes the mind through the use of thoughtless awareness or mental silence. By spending a few minutes each day practising this gentle yet powerful technique, you will find yourself more able to deal with the pressures of a stressful lifestyle, while enjoying enhanced mental, physical and emotional well-being. The book provides clear and concise guidance on how to: * Use meditation to sleep better and awake more refreshed and invigorated * Combine the meditation with simple exercises to dissolve stressful thinking * Develop a stronger, more dynamic attention to avoid negative thoughts and attitudes Research has shown that meditation can provide immediate and lasting relief from the mental strain caused by stress and anxiety. Meditation For Stress will help you harness those benefits in a clear and practical way.

REVIEW :- This book was free yesterday on amazon kindle, So i bought it .
I must say this is very good & is very helpful.
The key message of this book is for those who may be reading to try & learn how to handle a stressful episode or situation is,dont give up.

We just need to regular practice this authentic meditations .Time & our growing power of detached observation will do the rest.And remember that nothing is ever random.
There are number of books on the shelves which deal with the growing problem of stress in the world,..but this particular book gives clear ,precise way of handling stress & provides solution to them.

As it is already clear that Thought & emotions are inextricably linked & can trigger stress.Of course psychologists & psychiatrists also have their expertise to add to the subject, our job is to understand the brain mechanism &that underlie normal & abnormal thought & emotion process.


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