Friday, 4 November 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Should I Hate or Love (A True Love Story) by Kisnaa

Samaira, who seemed to be madly in love With Aayan, was still trying to be romantic with him. She believed that one day Aayan would marry her and make her complete with his unconditional love. But perhaps she hadn't listened to Aayan properly when he said that Siya was the same girl whom he had loved since he saw her for the rst time, and every night he slept just to meet her in his dreams..."

BOOK REVIEW:- I found this story sweet, heartwarming and lovable.
The story is engaging. It will surely keep the readers hooked on to the book.
I was surprised to see beautiful poems in between the story.

The end was very emotional & touchy.It broke my heart ,Heart wrenching story. Maybe you will start crying after reading it.
I truly loved this book with all my heart!....

What i felt  is that the blurb is not upto the mark, may be its not complete.

The story revolves around the protagonist Aayan .
Aayan loved Siya , but she hurted him and left him broken.Aayan thought that Siya doesnot understands his love & feelings for her.
So Aayan tries to forget her & move further is his life. He became IPS officer. Soon Samaira comes in his life and She loves him too much, they decided to marry each other.

After some days, they get to know that while dying Siya left a letter for Aayan. It contained her true feelings for him , where she expressed  her love .
She didnt want to spoil Aayan's life as she was suffering from blood cancer. So she kept it secret.

This incident left Aaayan lonely & full of pain.
Life has to be lived, no matter how much pain and suffering it gives .

Love is Immortal, true love never dies. 
Love cannot be defined , it is something beautiful which can't be explained in words.

I recommend this book to everyone.

Overall its a nice read :- 4.5/5 stars.

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