Sunday, 27 November 2016

BOOK REVIEW: My Wife's Diary by Deepanshu saini

'Am I okay?' I asked myself again, for the hundredth time. 'I don't know,' I told myself again, for the hundredth time. I have never been so confused. For my entire life, I have taken decisions with a simple 'yes' or 'no': 'Do I want to go for engineering?' 'Yes'; 'Do I need to go for another job?' 'No'; 'Should I look for career in writing?'; 'Yes'; 'Do I love her?' 'Yes'; 'Should I smoke?' 'No'; 'Should I drink?' 'Yes' -my whole life has revolved around these two words. And the same words worked while making the most important decision of my life - my marriage. 'Should I go for love marriage?' 'Yes'. Why shouldn't I? After all, she is beautiful, fair and tall, with a shapely body, and with that tiny mole under her lower lip that most guys would be ready to die for. Overall, a trustworthy companion, a perfect daughter-in-law and an ambitious girl - what else does a guy want? But one year of marriage can prove you wrong. It can even give a shock perhaps. Just the thought that a girl in her mid-twenties can hold so many secrets, so many emotions, is actually astonishing. Few months ago, I would've never pictured things the way they are now. She once said to me: 'Love has nothing to do with the body. It speaks from the soul.' Well, she was absolutely correct. But I think, I was an Idiot as what she meant that day came into my wits now... I was uncomfortably aware of my conscience every time I faintly turned the page of her diary, and every time a feeling went through my nerves, like I was about to bite my own tongue. How had something so simple become so tangled and complicated suddenly? I still remember the first time I had met her. As much as I tried not to think about her, she kept flitting into my consciousness or into my line of sight. And I was clear that I wanted her. I want to formalize the relationship. How? I don't know. But yes, my sentiments were really honest. That's it. But now, it's something different.

 I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
The story revolves around the protagonist Pournima Apte,pursuing M.SC in psychology from punr University
and is written by Pournima in diary style form. 
The diary was gifted to her by Abhimanyu her lover.
But she didnt felt like writing anything & it was placed in the almirah just like the other books.
The first time she wrote ,when Abhimanyu was not there with her on her birthday and she was missing him.  

Abhimanyu and Pournima used to bunk classes, visiting new places, shopping ,walking hand in hand.
That meant a special space in her heart.

In between she was given a project by her professor to analyse the case .She  meet with a patient Raghav Kalra whose parents want him to marry ,but he is not interested in getting married.
This made Pournima think that he is gay and Raghav accepted that.

Later on Pournima broke with Abhimanyu . She had relation with Avantika .She always used to stay positive and enjoy life .She used to miss her Grandmother and the stories narrated by her - Once upon a time....there was a ...."

Some Quotes from the book :-
-Live your life as you want

-The greatest feeling in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

This is the first book in which the author had expressed everything so open mindedly and  whole heartedly .Taking a strong topic like homosexuality ,the story is well portrayed and the characterization is done well. All her friends was described well and specially the positive aspect - the positive way of living life even if how tough the situation comes in  life. The plot made me keep you guessing. The end is well written. A perfect book to give to your loved ones.


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