Sunday, 6 November 2016

BOOK REVIEW: 7 Days by Stanish Gill

"All that Apurva wanted was to live a happily married life with the woman he loved the most, but what he didn't expect to face was a drastic and dangerous challenge on the first night of his honeymoon.
He woke up the first morning and discovered his wife to be affected by something he didn't have any clue about.

He was faced with two options, either leave her and save himself or stay and find a solution.
What will Apurva choose to do? Will he be successful in his decision?
7 days is a romantic, psychological thriller with paranormal element in it."

This book belongs to horror/thriller category.
It was a fast read. I finished reading this book in 3 hrs.
The writing was simple .
This book can be turned into short film or full featured film.
But it could be made more interesting if more twists & turns can be added .
The story was bit boring in between .

The story revolves around the protagonist Apurva, his married life turned into a disaster when the couple had gone to honeymoon . Honeymoon is always a pleasant moment for most of the people, but in this case it became them most unpleasant event of his life.
The seven days were the most  miserable days ,it changed his life. He can never forget the honeymoon in his whole life.


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