Tuesday, 8 November 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Shrieking Silences by Preeti Choudhary

'Every soul evolves poetry in its own ways', the author proclaims. This is how Choudhary's intricate and metaphysical expressions infuse elements of lyrical surprise in the readers. Her words flow with an intense somatic and solemn universality. Shrieking Silences is all about the voices...unspoken and unheard. The poems grapple with the issues of articulations, belongingness and above all, humanity. It is a probe into a woman's heart and what it craves for.
An odyssey of a human soul all and sundry shall join in and savor once. Open up and ramble with the poet in her surreal expressions of self.

This is a poetry book written  by Preeti Choudhary , Published by Notion Press. 
The cover of the book is so colorful, vibrant, full of creativity, ... which itself speaks a lot about this book.

I was surprised to witness a good number of short & sweet poems throughout the book.
Each poem has a beauty in itself.
Each poem is unique and adds a meaning to it.

In all there are 35 poems which covers many topic like feminism, empowerment, How Am I ? , I am confused, the unsuitable girl etc. 

Few lines from the book :-
" Shine on me Shower thy grace,
Impart the expressions blithe. "

I was cute as a kid
Sexy as a teenager
Voluptuous after thirties.
Tired of these physical adjectives.
Find some more,
Less physical,
More identifying.

For Poetry lovers, is a must read for everyone.You must give it a try.
I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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