BOOK REVIEW: Love.Not for Sale by Anurag Garg

Love can happen anywhere, with anyone . . .
Kabir Thapar is the spoilt son of a rich capitalist in Mumbai. His mother’s sudden death scars him for life, leaving him at loggerheads with his father who finds himself a new wife in no time.
As Kabir embarks on a downward spiral of alcohol and drugs, he, on one ill-fated day, finds himself embroiled in a hit-and-run case. Making a quick escape, Kabir ends up in a red-light area, where he meets Sehar, a sex worker. As he falls head over heels for her, he must own up to the one emotion he has been running away from all his life—love.

"I placed my hand on her shoulder as a tear rolled down her cheek. I pulled her towards me. That touch, that warmth, that love was magic. We could see the minarets of the Jama Masjid touching the orange skyline. She turned around and looked at me. Her eyes seemed to be searching for something. But they had the same question about the existence of love. I closed my eyes, and kissed her forehead. She didn’t smile, but rested her head on my shoulder, and we both looked at the rising sun, with a new faith, new dreams."
- Love Not For Sale !!

I bought the book from the amazon.I have the previous book from the author "The Half Baked Love Story' , so i couldn't resist to buy this book.
The cover is attractive and the cover clearly indicates that its a love story book.

Its a disheartening story. All the events that takes place in Kabir's life. He belongs to a rich family.His original mother had died when he was small. His father married again & now Kabir lives with his stepmother .He always missed his mother.
Kabir image in this novel , is shown as Playboy. He is busy spending time with girls, making new gfs,doing sex with them & taking drugs,drinks he was drug addicted .

His father dies one day.He has not prepared the will .Kabir was not prepared for his father sudden death . The lawyer asked Kabir whether all  the property should be given to his stepmother & he agrees  to that, Since Kabir was not mentally prepared, he thought he cant handle the business alone.
So all the property was given to Alisa.
Soon Kabir realised his mistake, When he found his Stepmother Making out with other Men just few days after his father died.

Kabir falls in love with Sehar who is a sex worker & then the turn takes place in his life.

This is an adult novel.Its suitable for 18+  . I would not recommend this novel to youngsters & teenagers.
 Its really heart touching, at the same time emotional too. I WOULD GIVE THIS BOOK 4.5 OUT OF 5 STARS. MUST READ

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