Monday, 21 September 2015

Happiness Unlimited: Awakening With Brahmakumaris by by Sister Shivani

The reason why there is so little happiness in the world is dependency. Happiness is not dependent on 'anything' or 'anyone' or found 'anywhere'. We keep delaying our happiness until things are just right in our life. We think we will be happy in the future and then wonder why we are not happy now.
Happiness is only possible when we are able to accept everyone as they are, at every moment, in every situation. That means an end to judging or resisting others, an end to complaining and blaming, an end to criticising and controlling and an end to competing with anyone.
Happiness means the awakening and acceptance of selfresponsibility. It is only when we choose thoughts and feelings that are aligned with our true nature of purity, peace and love that we can shift – from asking to sharing; from holding on to letting go; from expectations to acceptance; from the past and the future to being in the now. We can create a life of joy, contentment and bliss, because we have the choice and the power. Happiness is a Decision.

BOOK REVIEW:- The book is written in the conversation manner between Suresh Oberoi and Sister Shivani. Here in the unpredictability ad certainties of questions, more questions  and answers emerge ideas of the self ,choices, conditioning, perceptions  ,actions, karmas, belief system, experiences....these together hold for us the experience (and the mystery) that we understand and feel as happiness.

Spirituality is not doing things or becoming  someone,- it is just  about being who we truly are.As the reader ,we will be able to find ourself in many of these situations that will bring to fore the eternal human conflicts that have held us in thrall since the beginning of life.
The book will create an empowering effect on you.So that you take charge of your life and awaken to your pure and inner self.

That will lead to self transformation and this is the step towards happiness.

Sister Shivani is a practitioner of Rajyoga Meditation of the Brahma Kumaris. With a background in engineering, her ability to analyse deeprooted emotions like ego, stress, anger and fear is empowering people to take personal responsibility of their thoughts and choose a life where acceptance and contentment is natural. She presents a logical yet comfortable way of adopting spirituality and thereby creating beautiful relationships – with yourself, others and God.

Suresh Oberoi is an internationally recognised Indian film actor with over 250 films to his credit. A multitalented personality, he has excelled in all genres of the medium. He has a keen interest in exploring and experiencing spirituality in practical life. He has a deep desire to reach out to the world to spread the seeds of spirituality, as he firmly believes that it is the only way to heal body and mind, to experience true love and happiness.

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