Saturday, 16 May 2015

BOOK REVIEW : Te Amo... I LOVE YOU by Rohit Sharma


It is said that LOVE changes LIVES forever! Well, it certainly does for Isabella and Aryan. They meet. They fall in love. But soon they realise that love is all about Sacrifices, Efforts and Hope.

A sacrifice, which Isabella makes for her family and her love, Aryan. A sacrifice, which compels her to stay with Ethan, the man she hates most, and the man who tortures her everyday !

An effort, which Aryan makes to rescue his love, Isabella, from the dreadful clutches of the extremely powerful Ethan, and his vicious gang.

A hope that persistently flares in the hearts of Isabella and Aryan, a hope to stay together, forever. But, will Isabella's selfless sacrifices bring any good to her, or her loved ones? Will Aryan's death-defying efforts be successful? Will Isabella and Aryan's eternal hope eventually come true?

Let's unfold together a fascinating saga about passionate love, honest friendships, and ruthless animosity-a story about happiness and togetherness, hatred and revenge, sacrifices and solitude, efforts and hope.

From the title itself  , its clear that this book is a love story of Isabella and Aryan, which is unforgettable

Te...amo is a rollercaster ride, it proves that the sweetest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The preetiest eyes have shed the most tears . And, the kindest hearts have felt the maximum part.
A beautiful loe story with an important message.

Things which i lyk about this book : Simple language ,straight forward ,well written,well crafted
connects the readers
It contains beautifully written poems, lines which i like .

Thing whichi dont like in the book :- emotions, it still didnt touched my heart
though its a romantic story, i didnt felt it 

The author has done thorough research & done a good job.

Overall Rating : 4/5

I would recommend this book to  all the readers.

About the Author

Born in Amritsar, and brought up in Faridabad, Rohit Sharma is a Senior Software Engineer by profession. Working with one of the world's top MNCs, Rohit has successfully represented his organization in USA and England. Apart from being a Gold-Medalistin Engineering (Honors), and earning the title of the Hall of Fame of his college, Rohit successfully represented his college at various dancing and sketching competitions.

Being an avid reader, Rohit loves to read fictions by Nicholas Sparks, Jeffery Archer, Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown and Paulo Coelho, to name a few. Pouring out his innermost feelings via innumerable romantic poems and songs has been Rohits forte, making him a keen writer and a book reviewer too. His varied collection of poems and songs are available on his blog, while his writings have been appreciated globally, on outstanding poetry forums.

His debut intense romance fiction, Te Amo I Love You began in 2009, after an extensive research on the Spanish culture, which enchanted him completely. After India, Spain is Rohits favorite country, which can be easily attributed to his passion towards the Barcelona FC.

A die-hard fan of Sachin Tendulkar, Lionel Messi and Roger Federer, Rohit loves to unwind either by playing one of his favorite sports or by exercising and cooking.

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