Monday, 31 October 2016

BOOK REVIEW: A Temporary Boyfriend by Dev Ashis Sahoo

In the history of love, no worst breakups can tie up easily. Moreover, it does not really tie up except only on silver screens or if a guy somehow is extremely lucky. 
After a worst breakup with Maanya, Dev has come after a year to Bengaluru where she is pursuing her MBA. Uniting all the willing power, self-confidence and carrying some hope that she will come back, he meets her at her college. However, now she has been completely changed and Dev carries a zero importance to her. She then asked him to vanish completely from her life. Crossing her heart, he promised that he will follow her words in exchange of a deal. It was a deal that he would be her Temporary Boyfriend for hundred minutes. Finally, Maanya agrees for this deal to get rid of his glance at any future. So what is going to happen in these 100 minutes? 
Maanya will accept him back or he will be remained only as

The blurb clearly tells about the story,so i found it easy to read.
The title of the book is apt,which suites according to the story.
It was a Fast Paced Read. 
The story revolves around  Dev and Maanya.
He was her temporary boyfriend but became the soul of her existence...forever.
The locket which Dev has gifted to Maanya with his & her photo. It was not just a ordinary locket it was her soul, just like a mangalsutra that a monogamous girl wears.

This story touched my heart.
There were range of emotions and has one of the best endings ever.
The storyline was intriguing
 I loved the twist with this one. I thought this was an interesting idea for a story and loved the direction it took by the end.
Will love prevail over friendship ?

PLOT/STORYLINE - It wasn’t something you’ve never heard of or something you cannot guess. 
The overall graph for my reading experience would start on a high note and then just keeps falling.

I dislike- 

 1) Repetitive lines.
2) The Writing was not mature, could have been better .Expected a lot from the author.


Book Cover - 5/5
Editing - 4/5 
Blurb - 4/5
Book Quality (Typing, Word Setting, Fonts) - 4/5 
Story - 4/5

Overall - 4/5
temporary bf

Dev Ashis Sahoo, a professional banker, is going to release his debut novel “A Temporary Boyfriend” soon. Born in Bhubaneswar, he works in government bank and writing a book was his dream. His upcoming novel is a love story based on his real life but blended with a bit fiction. which is being published by “Dream House Publication”. 

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