Monday, 10 October 2016

BOOK REVIEW: 10 Golden Steps of Life by Vikrmn

Drive life rather than getting driven. Take that step.
For every objective that you set out for yourself, a journey is inevitable. It’s only when you take one step after the other, that you come closer to your goal.
"Own your way…your own way."

From dreams that change with time, to the purpose of life and attaining it; From others’ expectations, to the ability of self; the ever elusive love charm and not giving up, no matter what – every small thing in life requires a plan. 10 Golden Steps of Life charts out ten such rules, which when followed will ensure more confidence and, eventually, success.

The demands of life which are sometimes difficult to comprehend and fulfill have been beautifully woven in the ten stories that are inspired from real life events.

The cover of the book is appealing.

This book is indeed highly motivational and is a must read for everyone.
There are total 10 chapters in the book like Karma haunts, LIFE is like a Guitar,

Tame the time,Friendship is divine, Rise in love,etc.

Each chapter starts with quote which marks the beginning of the chapter. The book is beautiful 

What i like about the book:

  • Simple language
  • To the point description
  • Inspirational stories 
Some Quotes From The Book :-
You face failure,not the moment you are defeated,but the moment you give up fighting.

Dont blame yourself for the failures,for it hampers your chances to improve, in turn also coaxing you to give up. Dont let it be your hobby.

Quitting is giving something up; giving up is quitting everything.
The book is beautiful .I WOULD RATE THIS BOOK 4 OUT OF 5 STARS.

Vikrmn: aka CA Vikram Verma is author of "10 Golden Steps of Life" (2016), "Guru with Guitar" (2015), "10 Alone" (2013) and "MICS Unleashed (2007)". His novel "10 Alone" was featured in featured in Limca Book of Records 2015 - special Literature edition.

Multi-forte persona, his dexterity bags creative pursuits like chalk carving (, oil painting, spreadsheet programming (, stop-motion photography and Guitar. 

A Chartered Accountant by profession he blogs on Finance and Motivational topics at His Academic book ‘MICS Unleashed’ is for MIS and content is available at

As the founder of he serves elite quotes, to munch on, for the ecstatic mindset. Raised in Mohali, Punjab (India), he currently resides in Delhi.

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