Sunday, 31 January 2016

BOOK REVIEW: It's Okay to Fail, My Son by Vasant Kallola


It’s Okay to Fail, My Son is about the father–son relationship. It covers the stress faced by young teenagers because of the competition and high expectations of parents, teachers and the system around. The story is thought-provoking, as for the first time in history, a loving father, Rahul, tells his son, “It’s okay to fail, my son.”
Rahul’s words to his son startle the people around him; he is also accused of being irresponsible! But he has a different end in mind: he is preparing his son for greater and permanent success, the transformation from being mediocre to a genius!
This book reflects the emotions of every loving father towards his child... on the path lit by love and sacrifice. It is a journey which converts pressure to passion, fear to flight of success. For his son, as well as for millions of children across the nation and the globe — a journey of faith and belief.
This novel describes a journey, whose destination was doubted by everyone, except Rahul, who set out and charted the path so far unexplored.

BOOK REVIEW:- This book is inspirational & helpful to both parents and students. The author has presented the story in the form of Father and son's relationship.
It gives a message
"We should take up challenge which comes across our life with joy,courage and happiness,with utmost liking and pleasure."
This is a novel that details how academically average students can turn out to be better than the above-average students with the right inputs and support.It shows how learning capabilities of children can be dramatically improved with the right kind of environment,patience and motivation with slightly improvised methodologies.Finally,whatever on does,one must aim for excellence.And what is the point of excelling,if it is not exciting,enriching and joyful?

I am sure that you will enjoy reading it.I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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