Sunday, 6 March 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Breaking Free by Neha Nayak


After Noya calls off her wedding on the big day, she decides to travel. Alone. That's when she notices Ranbir, who is insistently and coincidently touring the same places that are on her itinerary.
She tries her best to avoid him – thinking him to be either someone sent by her parents or a stalker – but whenever she falls into trouble during the journey, he is always there for her. When they meet at her NGO opening ceremony in Goa, she realizes he isn't a stalker after all.

With time, friendship blossoms and she learns he is about to get married. She also gets to know that his bride-to-be is a money-loving imposter and wants to reveal her true intentions. Ranbir is drawn towards Noya and confesses his feelings, but she has other plans. As Ranbir invites Noya for a trek to the Himalayas, he wonders if this could be a journey to their hearts.
Breaking Free is a cocktail of emotions, with the tanginess of love, care and friendship.

BOOK REVIEW:- The book will take your heart away.
I just loved the way author has written the book.Its like you are watching a Bollywood movie.
You will laugh, cry, scream, swoon.

The narration was flawless that will urge you to hooked the book till the end. The concept appeared to you so real that while reading the book you start imagining them in front of you. As a reader, I truly loved with the characters. The language was simple and crisp. Sometimes conversation between Ranbir and Noya will make you laugh loudly. Neha is one such writer who writes witty romance perfectly without losing the charm of emotions in her story.
As a reader, I wanted to read more.

This book is worth a read, which you will thoroughly enjoy reading it, if you want to know more about the story then do grab a copy of this book now. 
I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. Thumps up .

Neha Nayak is a human, dreamer, storyteller, writer, speaker, and an engineer. Currently, she works as a senior quality assurance manager in a prominent organization. She loves to engage her time in reading, travelling, watching movies, working for social causes and dreaming. She believes when you dream and do what you love, the best follows. ‘Breaking Free’ is her debut novel.


  1. Thank you so much for the feedback. I happened to do a google search of my book's name and by chance came upon your review. Happy & Motivated :)

  2. The Book is in my shelf & I am reading it , but not that fast ,