Thursday, 9 June 2016

BOOK REVIEW: She Swiped Right Into My Heart by Sudeep Nagarkar

She Swiped Right Into My Heart

'In the event that you've never had companions, 

You've never truly lived' 

This is the thing that the book says and this is the thing that precisely inside this book. A story comprising the narrative of closest companions and love. 

She Swiped Right into My Heart is an anecdote about affection picked up and lost-and the mending energy of companionship. 

The story rotates around three young ladies, closest companions. Geet, Shibani and Tushita. 

Geet is a standout amongst the most disagreeable young ladies in school however she is closest companions with the excellent and looked for after Shibani. To win the prevalence vote, Geet readies a fanciful sweetheart of her. She realized that the mystery will blast out sometime yet till then she is enamored with her fanciful beau and she is getting much regard on account of her non-existent sweetheart. 

Tushita cherishes Andy, the person who gives her agony as it were. He is constantly possessive about her. At long last when Tushita chooses to separation with him. He gives her a hotshot and makes her life a major wreckage by gifting her extraordinary damage to her body and soul. 

Obviously, Geet's mystery turns out, and she is currently all humiliated in the entire school. However, at that point, Rudra, causes her in being her phony sweetheart. 

Vivaan, Tushita's closest companion comes to think about her circumstance and that she won't have the capacity to walk again so effortlessly. And afterward, he gives her a help. He turns into her quality and rouses her to attempt her best. 

Shibani detests Vivaan on the grounds that he is the companion of Andy, however, later on, she needs to trust that all men are not the same. 

Geet and Rudra fell for each other. Be that as it may, again a fiasco comes into both of their lives. 

Do read the novel to jump into the rushes of a flawless story, loaded with adoration, feelings, sentiment and excellent words. 

Best piece of the story is the journal of Tushita where she keeps in touch with her musings and her story in wonderful words. 

Vivaan turns into the saint of the story by winning all hearts. 

Shibani is solid and overcome. She is sufficiently solid to open up about her homosexuality. The book demonstrates a decent concentrate on this part. Much the same as men are pulled in to ladies and ladies to men, Shibani is pulled in to ladies. It's not her slip-up , she is not doing it purposefully. She is a human like every one of us.

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