Thursday, 9 June 2016

BOOK REVIEW: She Swiped Right Into My Heart by Sudeep Nagarkar

She Swiped Right Into My Heart

‘If you’ve never had friends,
    You’ve never really lived’
This is what the book says and this is what exactly inside this book. A story consisting the story of best friends and love.
She Swiped Right into My Heart is a story about love-gained and lost-and the healing power of friendship.
The story revolves around three girls, best friends. Geet, Shibani and Tushita.
Geet is one of the most unpopular girls in college but she is best friends with the beautiful and sought-after Shibani. To win the popularity vote, Geet prepares an imaginary boyfriend of her. She knew that the secret is going to burst out someday but till then she is in love with her imaginary boyfriend and she is getting much respect because of her imaginary boyfriend.
Tushita loves Andy, the guy who gives her pain only. He is always possessive about her. Finally when Tushita decides to breakup with him. He gives her a big shot, and makes her life a big mess by gifting her a great injury to her body and soul.
As expected, Geet’s secret comes out, and she is now all embarrassed in the whole college. But then Rudra, helps her in being her fake boyfriend.
Vivaan , Tushita’s best friend comes to know about her situation and that she will not be able to walk again so easily. And then he gives her a support. He becomes her strength and motivates her to try her best.
Shibani hates Vivaan because he is the friend of Andy , but later on she has to believe that all men are not the same.
Geet and Rudra fell for each other. But again a disaster comes into both of their lives.

Do read the novel to dive into the waves of a lovely story, filled with love, emotions, romance and beautiful words.
Best part of the story is the diary of Tushita where she writes her thoughts and her story in beautiful words.
Vivaan becomes the hero of the story by winning all hearts.
Shibani is strong and brave. She is strong enough to open up about her homosexuality. The book shows a good focus on this part. Just like men are attracted to women and women to men, Shibani is attracted to women. It’s not her mistake , she is not doing it intentionally.  She is a human like all of us.
At last, as a poem lover I want to write this poem from the book here.
Her perfect tan skin always amuses,
She chooses clothes that will hide the bruises.
Walking down the street with unbeatable grace,
No one knows the torture she has to face.
She watches the clock with a sad, broken face,
When someone approaches, the smile is back in place.

When she meets him, it is impossible to smile,
He breaks her body and spirit in such a violent style.
Her eyes start watering, knowing what is  to come,
Just imagine the bloody mess she was to become.

He lays her down and the painful sting returns,
No matter how many times it happens, it still burns.
It continues for hours, then it comes to an end,
She wakes up the next morning, sore, ready to pretend
That she is perfect , that she is okay.

Putting on her make-up, she fixes herself,
Her trademark smile is back in place.
The sadness is blocked away from her face,
She feels she could collapse under the strain,
She heads out the door, repeating the cycle again.

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