Friday, 17 June 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Soft Target by Kalyan Nanda

Is God good? Or is He a manipulative villain who plays with the lives of his creations in the name of karma? As far as Mohan Mishra is concerned, God is a villain. Mohan is God's soft target, for He 'blesses' him with a strange mental problem and kills his support system when he needed it the most. The Soft Target is the story of a boy's journey into manhood, as he takes on God with his mental prowess, defeating Him at every stage, thus making God his soft target. Supported by great friends and a loving wife, Mohan fights an epic battle against the murderous society, the conniving legal system and ultimately God himself, with remarkable courage and spirit.

BOOK REVIEW:- The story revolves around the protagonist , he was suffering from a disease. Mohan has some mental problem. He keeps saying things that have no meaning.Some people considered him mad. His parents were concerned about him and made him checked by the doctor. Mohan was oblivious to his parents’ condition. Sometimes, God gives you a
peek into what’s going to happen to your life but you never
realize it.
A boy like this would have ideally got into depression. Our society does not take kindly to such mental problems or for that matter any mental problem.Doctors also surrendered and said that there is no treatment for it. He will have to live with this, he needs a counselor, an physicatrist counselor.

As usual, Mohan was good in studies and used to top in his class. Mohan was such a disciplined
student that he did not have to be monitored.  His parents had not even arranged a tuition teacher for him. All that Mohan had achieved was a result of his own hard work.

After some days, Mohan's parents were died in an accident when they both were going to visit Shiv Mandir.This was the first time when Mohan broke.

Will he able to survive and tackle all the obstacles coming in his way?Will he able to succeed in his life and proof himself?  Will his hatred towards God will become less?  

This story shows the struggle of a common boy like Mohan .His life journey.

To know more about the story ,Go and Grab the Book .

 I would rate this book, 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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